2 Simple Business Growth Strategies for the Super Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs: Consultants, freelancers, coaches and solo professionals who are ready to take their business to the next level: Here is THE series for you!

Making Connections & Sharing Expertise

Connecting with others and sharing expertise are two fundamental strategies to growing your business. The two strategies partner – to illustrate your brand and exemplify your expertise- to increase your business revenue.

For super successful entrepreneurs, networking is essential to getting the word about your business.  Not only does it afford you the opportunity to share your amazing business, networking also provides a space to build beneficial relationships.

purposeful networkingNetworking

I am often asked by emerging business owners about strategies to move their business to the next level.  Immediately following image and branding, I encourage budding entrepreneurs to immediately begin to network. For clarity, I do not mean attend a bunch of cheezy networking events with folks who are competing to collect the most business cards.

TIP: Do not take a business card from someone who does not have immediate and relevant purpose for growing your business; or the business of a colleague. You can take a card from someone who may not benefit your business, but could serve someone else you know well. Connecting others is great business. Never take a business card when it’s ego driven. Possessing hundreds of business cards without purpose is a distraction. Don’t do it. You don’t need it. Stay focused on the tools, people and strategies you need for success. All else…DELETE.

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]etworking done right can open doors that you never knew existed.

Description: The Making Connections & Sharing Expertise Series will provide you with a basic overview of how networking with like minded people can help you promote and build your business. This series contains four straight forward lessons that will teach you exactly how networking can impact your business in a big way.  You will learn how to get started building your own network of contacts immediately, even if you have never attended a networking function in your life. 

You’ll also learn how networking will lead to more prospects and make your business even more profitable than they ever thought possible, all by strategically building your own network of contacts. Each lesson is packed full of helpful information the super successful really use, and now you can too. For your learning convenience, this series will post publicly over the next 8 days,  including a short series on article writing and how blogging can impact your business in a bigger way.

Networking Lesson Overview

You will learn:
Lesson # 1 The ins and outs of networking, so that you can effectively use it to make more contacts, build your business and make more money.
Lesson # 2 How to find the right business groups to join for the
purpose of making connections. As well as why choosing the right one is important to their overall success.
Lesson # 3 How to make a good impression at every event you attend and how following the proper rules of engagement at networking events is vital to your success.
Lesson # 4 Some simple, yet extremely effective tips that will help you maximize your results, make more productive contacts and become a networking super star.

And that is just the beginning! Once they finish all of the lessons in this short course you will not only understand how networking can have a big impact on your business, you will also gain the basic knowledge needed to get started growing your own network. Ultimately those prospects will build your business, and make more profits right away!

small business blogBlogging

The latter half of the series discusses the advantages of article writing. Did you know that nearly 40% of US companies use blogs for marketing purposes, and companies that blog have 55% more website visitors?

Description: The Article Writing Know How Short Course will provide you with a basic overview of how writing simple articles can help your customers promote and build their business. You will provide them with four straight forward lessons that will teach teach exactly how writing articles can impact their business, how they can get started writing immediately even, if they have never written an article in their life. 

You’ll also teach them how they can use articles to bring in more prospects and make their business even more profitable than they ever thought possible, all by strategically using simple articles. Each lesson is packed full of helpful information that they can really use and you can set it up and digitally deliver it right to their email inbox for their learning convenience.

Article Writing Lesson Overview

You will teach them:
Lesson # 1 How writing simple articles can benefit their website and have a big impact on their business. Plus some quick tips that will allow you to achieve the best possible results from their article writing efforts.
Lesson # 2 How creating a simple outline can have a big impact on every article that you write and make the entire process easier than you ever thought possible.
Lesson # 3 Easy to employ ideas and strategies that you can use to make all of the articles you write more effective when it comes to promoting building their business.
Lesson # 4 Some simple, yet extremely effective ways that you can quickly and dramatically improve your writing skills, so that you can increase your chances of success.

And that is just the beginning! Once you finish all of the lessons in this short course you will not only understand how writing simple articles can have a big impact on your business, you will have the basic knowledge necessary to get started writing your own business building, profit pulling articles right away!

Not convinced? Here is a list nicely put together by Barry Feldman:

21 Benefits of Blogging with Purpose.

  1. Connect with customers—A blog is a practical and powerful way to share useful, relevant information with customers.
  2. Connect with partners—Blogging allows you to connect and team up with influencers and leaders who can be instrumental in building your business.
  3. Generate traffic—A strategically planned blog, with carefully chosen keywords in play, will show up in search and drive traffic to your landing pages.
  4. Establish authority—Your business blogis the hub of your content marketing efforts where you share your expertise.
  5. Win business—60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers, says HubSpot. They offer a ton of statistical insights in their research.
  6. Inspire your social media—If you’re using social media effectively, you’re sharing your blog posts regularly and taking advantage of the magical amplification of social networks.
  7. Increase reach—Your blog will be shared and find new eyeballs daily.
  8. Grow your email database—Your blog should inspire people to opt into your email newsletter list. Also, your email feeds traffic to your blog.
  9. Give your company a voice—A blog is your pulpit, your publication, your journal—the place where you talk about whatever you choose, however you choose.
  10. Humanize your company—That voice needs personality. Great bloggers are genuine. Your personality comes into play, that is, if you aim to make real connections.
  11. Exchange ideas—Blogs obliterate the wall that once stood between a company and its customers. You encourage interaction, comments and feedback. You create a conversation.
  12. Get (and stay) customer focused—By blogging, you’ll learn how to speak in your customers’ terms, perpetually improve this vital skill and grow more in touch with your audience’s wants and needs.
  13. Inspires content and productivity—Blogging is hard work. You need processes. Commitment. Consistency. You’ll need to step up—and you’ll be rewarded for doing so.
  14. Increase focus—A subtle addendum to the point above, blogging consistently forces you to define who you are trying to reach and why.
  15. Generate publicity—As I mentioned, business bloggers establish authority. Stick with it and demonstrate you know your niche and you’ll get asked for interviews frequently.
  16. Invite outsiders in—While business blogger should refrain from being relentlessly promotional, the blog is an appropriate forum for delivering insight into your company, its values, and people.
  17. Get strategic—You’ll get in the habit of closely examining the site’s analytics and gather all kinds of insights about what does and doesn’t appeal to your audience. Your marketing will get more strategic by day.
  18. Learn—We’ll get a bit warm and fuzzy now, but there’s no denying you are going to learn a lot about yourself and the world around you. It comes with being a writer.
  19. Get inspired—The research, the conversation, the experience… it’s inspiring. Trust me on this: a switch gets turned on and it’s impossible to turn off.
  20. Have fun—Perhaps not everyone will agree blogging is fun, but I believe every great blogger gets into it and enjoys the ride.
  21. Make millions—Maybe, maybe not. However, business blogging with purpose works. Every post is a long-term asset. Learn how to blog and you’ll lower your marketing costs and increase sales.

blogging for profits

How Are Blogs Used for Business? Content Marketing Applications:

Internationally, countless companies are using blogs to attract, engage and convert their target audience, though a select few stand out as masters in the corporate blogging trade. Whole Foods Market, for example, has an exceptional corporate blog called Whole Story©, through which the grocery brand shares healthy eating tips, recipes, and more. Their focus on providing helpful, non-sales driven information to readers keeps them top of mind as a resource, rather than an advertiser, in the eyes of their fans.

ComScore’s blog is an excellent example of a B2B blog that has catapulted them into a mainstream news source, helping to build brand awareness and authority. Their top quality research and information has also helped their authors, like Eli Goodman and Andrew Lipsman, build their own personal brands, as well.

Business blogs are a form of social media in their own right, though they work best as part of an online marketing strategy that uses other social channels for amplification and community building. Blog content should also be optimized for maximum visibility in search.

Expert Opinions on Business Blogging:

Blogging as part of an integrated online marketing and content marketing strategy is practiced and endorsed by top marketers from agencies and brands alike.

“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.” ~ @LeeOdden, CEO, TopRank Online Marketing (blog)

“Be helpful, give away everything you can, and make sure you put posts together that people feel they can relate to and that have something to add to.”  ~ @ChrisBrogan, President, Human Business Works (blog)

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.” – @DougKessler, Velocity Partners (blog)

“Even when you are marketing to your entire audience or customer base, you are still simply speaking to a single human at any given time. Worry less about sounding professional and worry more about creating remarkable content that other humans can relate to.”  ~ Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at @MarketingProfs (blog)

making connections & sharing expertiseYour business blog, essentially is your social media and content marketing tools to provide valuable, interesting content for clients, employees, industry media and other target audiences. Ideally, your blog content fulfills a potential or existing client’s need for information at some point in the purchasing cycle. The greatest advantage of your article writing the impact is has on your prospect’s buying decision.

Get in the discussion! I would love for you to follow the series, please leave your comments and feedback below. May I also request that you bring along a friend or colleague for the next 8 days to explore the Entrepreneurs Time to Re-Invent Networking & Blogging Series. Please share across your social media platforms and email it directly below!

In awareness, passion, joy, purposeful networking and blogging,

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