6 Types of Questions for Entrepreneurs to Ask to Close the Deal

Sales Technique #2

You are about to make the initial sales call. What’s your objective? What do you want to happen at the end of the conversation? With that in mind here are 6 question types to get you to your desired end.

You can structure questions in  these 6 questions groups in any way you choose. They each have a specific objective that will not vary.


  • What the prospect does
  • How the prospect does that
  • When does the prospect do it
  • Where do they do it
  • Why do they do it that way
  • Who does the prospect currently work with

Then and only then…decide if you can help the prospect do what they do better.


What do you do? Your objective is to get to know your prospect’s unique challenges and opportunities. You want to learn what moves them into crises and how can they transform to excellence.

How do you do it? You want to get to know how the prospect conducts business. You want to learn their systems and best practices. The methods they have used in the past as well as what they are currently using will help you better gauge how you can help them.

When do you do what you do? What time-frame is your prospect working with? Is there business greatly impacted by the seasons? Or does their business operate the same regardless of the weather and seasonal patterns?

Where do they do it? Does your prospect have a brick-and-mortar business? Do they have multiple locations? Do they have an online business?

Why do they do it that way? Understanding how your prospect makes decisions is critical to helping them meet their objectives. The process for doing business in a certain manner is dictated by a group or individual judgement – either way you need to know what impacts the choice.

Who are you doing it with? Is your prospect using vendors? Do they have collaborations or joint ventures you need to know about? You must be aware of any stakeholders because you will need to meet their goals too.

After you have solid answers for the above 6 questions, you can proceed to the bonus round.

How Can We Help You Solve The Puzzle of Your Business Success?

how can we help you

How can we help you do it better?

The above questions are essential to your prospects participation in the proposal process. You want the prospect to the be the source of your proposal. Outlining a proposal without the answers to the aboove questions is playing a guessing game. As an entrepreneur, your resources are valuable and you do not have time to mess around trying to “guess” how to deliver a winning proposal.

Let your prospect be your guide.

Each of your proposals should be as unique as the potential client’s needs. In order to create a win-win proposal, you need your prospect to buy-in. What’s the best way to get your prospect excited about your plan of action for their business…Yes, you guessed…use their ideas!

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