6 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Create a Sense of Urgency to Sign Contract

Don’t Fret Bringing Your Clients to the Time for Decision 

As service providers, it is a necessary task to present clients with a proposal and then a contract to seal the deal. For many, there is the step in between called negotiation that takes place too. This can be a daunting task for many entrepreneurs. If you are like me, you h-a-t-e this part of your responsibility. I would rather bypass this phase all together! Of course, the minor habit of eating on a daily basis helps me move past my contempt for negotiation and forge ahead. I am most certain you can relate.

Don’t worry there are several strategies you can use to get your clients to see that you are the best option to meet their need, solve their problem or make their life easier. Your primary goal is to establish an authentic connection with your reader.  When you have the attention of your ideal buyer, you are positioned to share the ways you can serve them. You can have this conversation without feeling like you are on “sales call” too. If you communicate well during this conversation, you will find the uncomfortable state of landing your sales pitch and negotiation has disappeared.

Share fine-tuned marketing messages. Be sure they are both clear and concise, this will increase the chance for your message to land successfully. Intend to create an emotional connection. Appeal to your prospect’s desire to have their needs met. When this happens, your prospect becomes excited about the possibilities. They are enthusiastic about how working with you will solve their problem or make their life better. They believe you understand their plight and trust that you can make a difference. At this point, you won’t have to sell because they are eager to work with you.

Once your ideal buyer has resonated with your message, you can encourage them to buy sooner, rather than later. In the most ideal situation, your potential buyer will be emotionally charged to sign the contract now. A very effective method to getting your prospects to seal the deal right away is to remove their ability for prolonged procrastination. If you want to get more contracts signed it will be necessary to give them a sense of urgency.

Something to note about buyers, many of us make purchases that are rooted in emotion. This is particularly true for impulse buys. We feel an strong emotion and immediately make the decision to commit. As you know, when we take time to think about the sale, we contemplate its necessity, the cost etc., we often talk ourselves right out of getting what we want. This is what you want to avoid. You want to transition your prospect into a paying client as soon as it is obvious to them that it is a good fit to work together.

The idea of getting clients to make a commitment right away is in no way meant to trick them into signing a poor deal. This strategy is given to you with the assumption you are providing services with excellence and products that do what you claim. Once it is clear that your business is a good fit to serve them well, there is no need to ponder any longer. However, you don’t necessarily want your potential client to rush to judgement or make a whimsical decision because that will only increase the number of cancellations and returns – and who needs that, right?

As a small business owner, you must leverage the prospect’s excitement and create a sense of urgency, so that they click buy now and rather than later.

the time is now

6 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Create a Sense of Urgency to Sign Contract 

  1. Be honest, keep it simple and make it plain. Your marketing messages should be singularly focused on demonstrating you are the best choice to provide the solutions they need.
  2. Choose a purposeful color that will help make an emotional connection. For example, the color red has a profound psychological effect.  Studies show that people put more money into red collection boxes for charity than any other color. What does this mean? What’s the lesson? Make your ‘Buy Now‘ or call-to-action buttons red! Red call to action buttons encourages emotional response
  3. Use Language with intention. A good word selection can be used to subtly build momentum as well as encourage a sense of urgency. Using simple words like ‘must’ and ‘now’ can gradually build a sense of tension and get people to want to act quickly. Similarly, a well-crafted sentence structure using exclamation points to build excitement, provide for a faster buy in. Shorter sentences increase understanding. Quicker comprehension, also increases the likelihood there won’t be a need for too many questions. Act now button to create sense of urgency
  4. Address the science and language of neurochemistry. The perfect scenario for any seller is to have their prospects experience a combination of serotonin (desire) and adrenaline/cortisol (anxiety). You want them to desire your offer while worrying about losing their opportunity to get it.  Heightening the prospect’s excitement is a matter of telling them about your value proposition. Differentiating yourself from others who share the marketplace is a defining way to get selected. All you have to do is to create purposeful marketing messages that entice them to imagine, how what you’re selling will positively impact their life and business. Immediately following,  anxiety sets in as you share what could happen if they fail to take action. In fact, showing them how no action can have a adversely affect their life and business. Creating a sense of urgency with Andrea Callahan
  5. Be proactive with incentives to buy now. Special offers like a 50% off promotion is a great way to motivate people to make a quick decision. They are more likely to process faster to catch the deal rather than waiting for a while to see if they change their mind – and risk losing the deal. As a service provider, you could easily create the same sense of urgency by explaining to a potential client that you only have a few spots left. Or better…there is only one spot available now!
  6. Master the liability of time. A limit of any sort, can drastically increase your sales two-fold. For example, first, telling a client the offer is limited and may not be available makes them realize they have to make a decision right away. Secondly, if the opportunity is exclusive and and accessing it is rare, you have instantly created a more desirable offer.

Callahan Coaching sense of urgencyHere’s an effective strategy to create a sense of urgency for your buyers. Include a countdown timer or even a number showing how many items are left in stock! What better way to let your prospects understand, time essence of time? What other ways do you get your clients to make a commitment sooner rather than later? Are there any strategies you can share to seal the deal?

Let’s discuss it. I welcome your comments below.

In awareness, passion, joy, purpose & extraordinary business,

Andrea Callahan the entrepreneur's coach



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