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What Is A Hashtag?

A hashtag, in a very basic nutshell, is a way to organize things.  Preceded by the pound sign: #, a hashtag organizes what you see in social media.

Many first time users look at Twitter and find it too fast and confusing.  The more people you follow, the noisier Twitter gets.

Hashtags allow you to see only the tweets by people talking about the hashtag you searched on.  It makes navigating tweets much easier.  But it also allows you to see conversations going on about these specific terms.

For example-this is a real life example by the way-we monitor the hashtag #loosetea for a client.  We can then see real time conversations happening where people have used this hashtag.

On one occasion, a person asked for suggestions for types of loose tea he could try.  So we answered him and, long story short, gained a new customer.

This is just one of many uses and benefits for hashtags.  For more:

Hashtags Are Very Powerful

Hashtags were popularized by Twitter (and their users of course).  But today, many other social networks are using hashtags such as Facebook and Google Plus.

Using hashtags on any network will allow you to pare down what you see.  If you use popular hashtags strategically, other people will potentially see you.  It can be a powerful way to grow your audience.

A Word Of Warning

Don’t over do it with hashtags.  Now that Facebook has joined the party, I see many first timers jumping on the bandwagon without any idea what they are doing.  The result is #way #too #many #general #hashtags in their post. Annoying, right?  Don’t do it.

Pick your hashtags wisely.  Unless you are creating your own unique hashtag, which is fine as long as you understand no one will find it unless you tell them about it, do a little research.  The goal is to find and use hashtags that have a specific meaning to what is important to you and your business.

How do you do research?  Easy… just go to the social network of your choice and enter your hashtag in the search bar.  Then see what you get back and decide if it is of value to you.

What’s Your Opinion?

How do you use hashtags?  Leave a comment below and share your secrets to hashtag success.

Post submitted by: Mike Brooks  My passion is helping small businesses take it to the next level by implementing powerful online marketing, social media and search strategies. I love to share information, tools and strategies on my podcast designed to educate and motivate.

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