Creating a Day of Excellence

You Deserve It!

Do you tend to let your outer circumstances set the tone for each day?  Do you allow other people and events to determine the movement of your day? Who in your life has the power to trigger feelings of anger, frustration, impatience and the like?

When you do this, you are not using the power you have available to you!  With the principles of the law of attraction, you can turn every day into a great day.  One way to do that is by using intentions and visualization to create your day.

When you first wake up in the morning, spend 10 minutes or so thinking about the types of things you’d like to experience that day.  How would you like your workday to go?  What kind of people would you like to meet?  Would you like to receive some great opportunities to advance your career or financial situation?  How would you like to feel for the majority of your day?

Visualize it and allow yourself to feel the emotion of achieving all that you want.


Cloud of Creation Creating a Day of Excellence

One today is worth two tomorrows.
-Benjamin Franklin


To build, assemble, or produce an object or idea. The act of creating is usually tied to being innovative with existing materials. For example, an executive may create a new product by combining existing products to increase their profits

Yesterday is done, with no way of making any changes. It is now a part of your history, and can only be used as lessons and experience. Tomorrow has not yet arrived it is merely a figment of your imagination, it does not yet exist. In fact my days changed as soon as I came into awareness that tomorrow’s reality is directly correlated by the outcome of today.  You see, today is really the only day the really matters. It is certainly the only day that you have any direct control over right now.

Your ability to create a life of excellence is a choice. You can decide right now that happiness is yours for the taking. Irregardless of your financial status or social standing – you are the creator of your own life, so why not create an extraordinary life. You can start today, right now by creating a day of excellence. Then another and a another.

Work-thru JournalDo something with me, take a quiet moment and give yourself a few  few minutes to plan your day of excellence. Close your eyes and vividly imagine each scenario you are anticipating in your day. If there is something that would like to happen or a difficult conversation that you must have – plan it in your mind. Go through each detail of your day as if you were writing a screen play of your day exactly as you would like it to happen.  Pretend you’re watching a movie in your mind, go through each scene exactly as you’d like to see it in your day.

Here is the fun part, you get to create the feelings that coincide with your day of excellence. You know since you are the creator and it’s your day you may as well make it an extraordinary day. What a way to begin your day. As you think about your day allow yourself to feel as if they were actually happening now.  Immerse yourself in the wonderful feeling of success. Allow yourself to experience the feelings of excitement, happiness and gratitude as you enjoy one great experience after another.  Use this same process for every experience you’d like to have that day – and everyday.

Do you know what creating a day of excellence creates, yes you got it – a life of excellence.

Today continue with your day, I promise that it will be all but your normal routine it you 1) take special care not to be “attached” to any specific events or experiences.  All you need to do is just simply stay open to the movement of the day.  2) Remain consistently positive. With great persistence continue affirming that great things are happening to you and you are having an extraordinary day. 3) Give yourself praise for making the decision to go beyond was is necessary in your work. Pat yourself on the back for going one step forward. Every-time you take your quality of work up a notch, you are moving fast toward your day of excellence. 4) With you whole heart and spirit, be in a state of gratitude for all the blessings and abundance in your life.

Celebrate Successes
Celebrate every success in your day of excellence. You deserve it!

The negative space of worry, anxiety, frustration, anger, procrastination and perfectionism are no longer relevant. They have no influence over your mind. You have extinguished their power. Whenever you become aware of their presence, rid them from your space by hitting the rewind and play button on today’s play. Remind yourself, you did not write them in the script, they are scene hoggers and they are not welcome. Have the immediately removed from the theatre!

Don’t allow your mind to look back or leap ahead – stay present, moment by moment.

Finally, as often as possible, call to your mind the images of your celebrations for every success of the day – no matter how small. A difficult conversation, ended in a positive state and the outcome was in your favor, celebrate with a deep breath, a smile and a YOU GO GIRL! Relic in that great feeling for just a moment and allow the good feelings to flow over you again.  Intend and know that wonderful things are happening, even if you don’t see them quite yet. They are their, you have to trust and believe that.

By using this process on a daily basis, you will have a day of excellence today and again tomorrow. You will eventually start to notice that good things consistently happen.  You’ll find yourself being in the right place at the right time and things just always seem to work out just right for you. You are amazed. You are generally enjoying greater opportunities; you now realize your higher potential; your options are flourishing  and the varied possibilities are in abundance.

What a wonderful life of excellence you have created one Day of Excellence at a time.

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