Critical Brand Criteria for the Rising Entrepreneur

Understanding Your Brand Identity

Are you meeting the criteria your prospects need when making buying decisions?

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Potential buyers make decisions based on an understanding of your brand; your organizational identity; and the types of experiences (and yes feelings) toward your brand identity. So plan  your brand strategy accordingly.

As an entrepreneur, you are being called upon for leadership in every aspect of your business. Everyone around you, including your future potential buyers are relying on you to make decisions that support a productive and prosperous business. It is important that you are able to meet the needs of your clients in order to build your business to serve more people.

Your ability to make wise decisions is the foundation to recruit and maintain stakeholders; and valuable employees. Each are relying upon your ability to produce a business conducive for growth and prosperity.

So, how do you ensure your business is successful and meet the needs of your stakeholders, clients and employees?

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By rooting your decisions in your purpose, vision, mission and goals. Small business owners with choices of 100’s, are being asked to make decisions on a dime that will have massive implications for your business. Each decision has the potential to support and reinforce your brand; OR negate and tarnish your identity. And as you know, in real business, you don’t always have the liberty to process and contemplate your choices.

In order to make complex and deeply powerful decisions like these, you are required to have a profound understanding about who you are and by extension what your organization stands for. Clarity about your purpose for being in business is the strong hold layer of your business foundation. This should remain your focus and serve as your North Star. Whenever in doubt, rely on the passion and purpose that encouraged you to risk it all to go into business in the first place.

[messagebox type=”tipbox”] When faced with challenging choices, ask yourself…”Does the potential outcome of this decision collaborate with the vision for my business?” [/messagebox]

vicky victorious brand identity callahan coachingIf it does, go for it…however, if it doesn’t then force some time to think about the implications of your decisions. The same process is true if the choices are aligned with your personal and business mission. Does the outcome fit in with your bird’s eye view of your organization? In addition, which of your choices lend to the advancement of your goals? If one of the choices moves in the direction of your outcomes then it is more likely the better options. Again, if not, then you may want to really think about if that choice is worth the investment in energy, time and financial resources.

You may find some choices do not directly or immediately lend to your purpose, vision, mission and goals. Although they may not have an immediate affect, the choice may be worth looking at if it helps you define your business culture and expand your realm of brand identity.

The Take-Away

If your brand identity is directly tied to your purpose and passion for being in business, everyone experiences doing business with you will feel an immediate sense of security. Your commitment and determination to the pursuit of your dream gets everyone involved excited and ready to buy into your mission: AND execute your goals.

Your stakeholders and employees will forge an unmistakable alliance with you. They will exemplify a commitment to your brand that will lead potential buyers to feel emotionally tied to your achievement.

Your Mission If You Should Decide To Accept: Design your business brand to ensure all of the above is true.

Plan your brand identity to make it easier for potential buyers who make decisions based on an understanding of your brand; your organizational identity; and the types of experiences (and yes feelings) toward your brand identity.

Make it easy for prospects to not only become customers but loyal fans.

Make Your Business Identity Clear Program: After all, it is the vehicle that propels your product or service into your customer’s lives and into their hearts. Your extraordinary brand is much more than an attractive image combined with some witty type. Your brand is a reflection of the heart and soul of you – the entrepreneur.

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