Dove REAL BEAUTY Sketches Impact Entreprenerus


This profoundly moving social experiment demonstrates how critical women are, of their own appearance. My first thoughts are the potential for massive impact on their lives. Think for a moment about how low and negative self-image influences decisions, habits and business growth.

Dove real women sketches on callahan coachingAs always Dove™ does makes us proud and represents women, well.

The additional baggage a negative self-perception has on your business can be astounding. If a leader has low self-worth, she may not view herself with true genius. If she sees herself through clouded lenses, how likely is she to pursue with all her passion, the hopes and dreams she truly deserves?

If a solo professional doesn’t see herself as beautiful, can she feel worthy? Is it possible for her to be fully engaged in pursuing her life’s passion and purpose?

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How does your self-esteem dictate your leadership style?


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Many blessings and love for the victims, survivors and family of 9-11-01
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Andrea Callahan is a brand designer. She helps passion & purpose-driven entrepreneurs maximize their strengths to craft and implement an image that represents their WHY and to use that why to position themselves as an Industry Influencer. She a speaker, seminar leader and the author of, "It's Your Brand ~ Make Your Identity Clear" available on Callahan launched the Industry Influencer Academy at

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