Entrepreneurs, Know What You Want BEFORE You Walk Through The Door

Sales Technique #1

Before you make contact with a prospect, set a clear intention about what you expect to get from the meeting? What outcome are you seeking?

Know what you want and direct the momentum of the interaction to get what you want.

know what you want and ask for it

Note to self


If you don’t know what you want…how will you ask for it?


If you don’t ask for it…how will you get it?


You deserve to get what you want…so ask for it.



Be prepared to ask for what you want. At the end of the conversation what do want to happen?


  • An in person meeting?
  • Give a presentation?
  • Submit a proposal?
  • Sign a contract?

At the end of the connection, knowing what your next steps are will enure you get what you want.

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In awareness, passion, joy, purpose and knowing what you want,

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