Entrepreneur’s Maximize SEO Friendly Pinterest Tips

pinterest seo for entrepreneurs

What Would 11 Powerful SEO Friendly Pinterest™ Tips Do For Your Brand?

It Would Increase How Many People See Your Business!

So, you have a Pinterest™ account, you have created your boards and started to Pin. Now what? How do you get others to Pin your stuff, follow your boards and grow your business? You’ve taken the biggest step…getting started. Now what?

You have to get seen! People have to find you. They have to see your boards, like your Pins and follow you. However, you can’t get followers if they don’t know where you are? It is also true that you will have a difficult time getting found in the search engines if you don’t rank – on the first page. Yes, it’s coming…the search engine optimization (SEO) talk. I promise it won’t be boring and I will keep it simple.

pinterest seo for entrepreneurs

For Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners…

It’s important to understand how to maximize search engine optimization so that you can get the most out of your time using the Pinterest (or any other) channel for marketing purposes. You can pin all day long, but if you’re not optimizing for keywords and using an effective keywords strategy, you are probably going to get minimal results – and that’s OK if you are on Pinterest for fun or for a hobby. If not then, let’s transform your Pinning hobby to Pinning for profit.

If you are in business, and intend to use  your Pinterest platform to maximize your brand to attract your ideal client or craft a reputation to convert more clients or create a tribe of followers who will buy from your repeatedly – then you must learn and maximize your Pinterest SEO.

Let’s keep this simple so you can get started today getting the best R.O.I. from your time and effort on Pinterest. Here are 12 strategies, you can implement today:

  • Optimize Your Username
  • Develop a Keyword Strategy
  • Create a Full Keyword-Rich “About Section”
  • Maximize Optimized Pin Descriptions
  • Always Link to Your Website
  • Brand Your Images with Watermark
  • ALT Text On All Your Images
  • Make Your Website the Home For All Your Images
  • Create Themes for Your Pinboards
  • Use Appropriate Hashtages
  • Re-Pin Images With Your Keywords
  • Be Authentic


optimizing Pinterest for entrepreneurs

Pinterest SEO Tips for Entrepreneurs

Define Your Business, Optimize Your Username

Your username is a critical part of your brand identity. Be sure it is relevant to your business. On Pinterest you can choose a username that is a keyword. This is important to your business because if your username is a keyword for your niche, whenever someone inputs that term into the search bar, your pinboards will come up in the search. How powerful would it be if  people were able to find you by the thousands? You’ll get a lot more followers without even trying if you make one simple strategy to put a keyword in as your username. My username is a critical keyword for my business – 1andreacallahan – of course andreacallahan was taken but I use this username on several social media platforms, including Twitter @1andreacallahan.

Pinterest SEO Tips for EntrepreneursStrategically & Specifically, Develop a Keyword Strategy

Before you make your first pinboard, think about what your goals are for Pinterest and how you want to appear to the world. If you haven’t done so, you should probably begin by researching keywords that describe your business and what you want to known for. Set out your keyword strategy on Pinterest to match what you’re doing on your website and with other social media. If you are uncertain how to find your keywords, think about words you prospective buyer will use to find you. What short phrase will they type into a search engine to locate your business or your book or you personally.

For my business Callahan Coaching & Consulting, I use keywords very differently because it is a Charlotte-based business – a few of keywords are:

  • entrepreneur
  • small business
  • entrepreneur coaching
  • small business training
  • Charlotte small business
  • Charlotte small business coaching
  • Charlotte small business consulting
  • executive coaching
  • professional soft-skills
  • professional development
  • leadership
  • brand marketing
  • reputation marketing
  • social media marketing
  • digital communications
  • public relations
  • leadership training
  • business training
  • social media training
  • branding services
  • reputation management services

You see how simple yet complex keywords can be. This is only a list of 20 but you can easily see how you can create a very comprehensive list to get found by your prospective clients.

Pinterest SEO Tips for EntrepreneursMake Your Message Clear, Create a Full Keyword-Rich About Section

Pinterest  is one of the best in giving a generous-sized About Section that you can use to fill with your information. Take this opportunity to tell your story and use keywords within the text to do so. With anything, use this tool strategically. Be specific  in the use of keywords. Don’t overdo it. Don’t keyword stuff or force words that are not targeted to your business.  Using keywords within the about section is a smart idea as it will help your customers to find you when they search for those words and phrases to get their needs met.

Pinterest SEO Tips for Entrepreneurs Become a Designer, Create Optimized Pin Descriptions

Think of your description area as your canvas. This space as your place to design your brand identity – to attract your ideal client. You have a free area to craft your reputation – to convert more customers. And room to entice them to follow you to build a tribe of loyal repeat buyers. One of the best ways to improve SEO is to make use of the description area for your pins. You have a pretty big space to work with. Make them readable, but also include relevant keywords and URLs when appropriate.

Pinterest SEO Tips for EntrepreneursYour Website is the Hub or Your Business, Always Link Back to It

Now you get to play traffic cop. Use your authority to direct traffic exactly where you want it to go. Be specific and make sure you target pages that will optimize your sales. You can link each pin that you create back to specific pages of your site. Always take advantage of this gem of an opportunity by linking to your latest book, project or product. Don’t always just go to the home page because it may not appear important to your viewer at the moment. Make pins link back to specific landing pages on your website that are relevant to the pin in order to continue your reader’s interest.

For whatever reason, your image evoked some type of emotion that encouraged the viewer to read the description. If your message was so compelling that they are now prepared to click the link, you want to make sure it’s worth their while. You want to excite them and make your viewer feel excited about taking a moment to explore.

Pinterest SEO Tips for EntrepreneursBrand Your Images with a Watermark & Deliver the Viewer to Your Webpage

There are mixed messages about whether it is appropriate to watermark your pictures if you want them to be shared on social media sites. I must admit, if the photo is obnoxiously branded, I tend not to re-pin. If you decide to watermark your photos, just make sure it is consistent with your brand.  You can watermark the photo with your logo and URL that remains in the color scheme of your brand identity. Make an effort to make it as less obtrusive as possible. In the end, the more eyes on your brand the greater number of possible visits to your website.

Pinterest SEO Tips for EntrepreneursSearch Engines Do Not See Pictures so Don’t Forget the ALT Text on Images

Your images look great on your website and they are pleasing to the viewers eye. You also take time to link them to other web pages in case your visitor click on them. So you are all covered right? Not quite. When you upload an image to your website, you must always ALT tag the image. There is an area in the back-end where you set the size, whether or not the image appears left, right or center of the text etc. This is an area where you should use keywords to describe the image. Be creative and descriptive, don’t just say “puppy” – say something like “This is a picture of a golden retriever that I took using my Nikon D3200” This ALT tag would be relevant to a pinboard devoted to photography as well as someone who is searching those keywords.

Pinterest SEO Tips for EntrepreneursYour Website is Your Base. Make Your Website the Home for All Images

Always remember, everything begins and ends with your website. Before you create pins and pinboards, create a blog post with the image or infographic , then pin to the board from your website so that visitors always link back to your site. This strategy is very effective at maximizing your SEO. Take advantage of the opportunity. If you don’t have a blog, tie the image to your website or social media. In the end, be sure the viewer can link back to you where you can make a deeper connection and possibly convert them into a buyer.

Pinterest SEO Tips for EntrepreneursBe Mindful of Your Areas of Focus. Create Themes for Pinboards

It would be worth the time to create a strategy for your pinboards. Create boards that are relevant to your business. They should represent your brand and your core business. It is fine to create boards relative to your core business as long it is an extension and related in some way. In essence don’t just randomly post pins without purpose. Instead, create themed pinboards where the content fits within your niche and is a keyword to attract your ideal buyer. This best practive gives you more areas to include keywords and in-depth information about your business for your followers. Think of pinboards as categories and a canvas to coordinate the various nuances of your business.

Pinterest SEO Tips for EntrepreneursMaximize the Use of Appropriate Hashtags

Identify your message on a specific topic and connect with others sharing the same tag. Similarly to Twitter™ and now Facebook™, Pinterest also supports hashtags. As a entrepreneur – and by default a marketer, you simply can’t ignore them. You must strategically implement these tagged topics. Hashtags can expand your content reach, amplify your brand, target your market, get your content found, craft your reputation as well as improve your SEO,. If you use them strategically hashtags could pay-off in a big way. Really give thought to what the hashtags should be and how they relate to your niche before including them. Here are two strategies you can implement in your business right now to increase your SEO and expand your realm of viewers:

Pinterest SEO Tips for EntrepreneursBrand Hashtag and Campaign Hashtag:

Brand and campaign specific hashtags  you make for your own business. Use them to market your brand and promotions.

At Callahan Coaching & Consulting,  we brand a brand hashtag as your company name, a company tagline or what you are known for. Your brand hashtag should be unique to your business. Your brand hashtag defines your business.  Use your brand tag as your signature tag. Encourage people to use them, in order to generate buzz, interest and connections for your business.

We  define a campaign hashtag as a hashtag crafted for each marketing campaigns. For example, if you are having a promotion on a product, your hashtag should be reflective of that product, in sort, exemplifying it’s own mini-brand.  You campaign promotion is short-term to bring awareness, interested and prospects to your promotion.

Pinterest SEO Tips for EntrepreneursJump on Someone Else’s Train & Re-Pin Items That Carry Your Keywords

Just like we borrow from someone’s reputation with a testimonial or endorsement, re-pinning someone else’s keyword rich photo will lend to increased exposure for your graphic.  The eyes on thier pin,now have the opportunity to see yours. How great is that if you are re-pinning many. the potential is endless. I suggest you look up your keywords, maybe one or two a day, (don’t make it a full-time job) and re-pin other people’s pinboards and pins that carry your keywords. You may also want to follow them and their followers – just a few each day to help build your own following and interaction. The critical benefit of mutual followers is the collaboration of re-pinning. You know at minimum you have these followers who are going to reciprocate re-pins.

Pinterest SEO Tips for EntrepreneursBe authentic, Stay True to Your Brand & Guard Your Reputation

Whatever you do, remain steadfast to follow your path. Although it’s wise to look at how the successful are doing things, it is equally as important that you maintain the integrity of your brand. What makes your business great, is the the critical unique resource it has that the others don’t – YOU. You are what separates your business from the rest of the pack. Your essence is what creates the nuance of difference. Maximize that edge and use it to it’s full potential. Your brand is the gateway to attract your ideal client. Crafting and maintaining a 5-star reputation is how you convert more customers as well as create a tribe of loyal repeat buyers.

I intend for these tips to make your Pinterest SEO friendly and will assist you to make the most of Pinterest as a productive marketing channel for your business.

If you have any other Pinterest strategies, I would love to hear from you. Get your voice heard and share your thoughts. In the meantime, stop my board, like a few pics and follow my boards! Callahan’s Pinterest.

Cheers & Joy,

The entrepreneur's change agent



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