Entrepreneurs Punctuality Says Respect and Excellence

Sales Technique #3

Being on time begins with respecting your own time. You train others how to treat you and your time. This certainly should apply to the time of your potential buyer. Think about it, you requested a meeting with your prospect, they carved out time from their busy schedule to accommodate you and you’re late. What does that say about your professionalism? What message does it send about your strive for excellence.

In order to close the deal, your goal is to demonstrate to the prospect why they should hire you. How can you convince the decision maker that you are different from all others offering the same or similar services if you don’t manage your time well? In fact, your prospect may be hesitant to sign a contract with you for fear about your ability to make deadlines, so plan accordingly.

deciding what to wear

Of course, I am going to state the obvious about preparation. Simulate the route to the meeting place and take into account the traffic patterns during that time of day. Pack your brief case and have your PowerPoint presentation already pulled up on your laptop if you use one. Yes, I am going to take you back to middle school for a moment, lay out your clothes the night before. At the risk of sounding like your mother, it is true, we spend an awful amount of time figuring out the perfect outfit in the morning. There have been times, I knew exactly which suit I was going to wear but spent 20 minutes to find the right shoes and accessories!

Now, there will be emergencies and life is interrupted with unpreventable events. In this case, try to get a colleague to stand in for you. If all else fails, call your prospect as early as possible, explain (within reason) the need to cancel or postpone your meeting. Always ask in the same conversation for a reschedule date.

Invest in a good scheduling tool. There are many to choose, either written or digital. If you are like me, you can use a combination of both. I sync my business calendar hosted by Google™ and my personal calendar on my MAC/iPhone/iPad™ and my Franklin Covey Planner – because I am old school with a 21at century capability. 🙂

there is time for successFor the busy entrepreneur, time is one of your most precious commodity, trust me, I understand, you want to maximize your time and get as much done as possible. However, don’t overbook yourself. Schedule yourself enough time to take care of business and set appointments far enough part so you have travel time or time to regroup and prepare for the next.  Be wise with your schedule. Scheduling too many appointments may end in your detriment if your prospect feels rushed, pressured or worse not as important as your next meeting. Use only the time necessary to conduct your business. If the meeting appears to move into a “social” realm, request to meet on  your personal time. Do not use your business day to personally mix and mingle.

Finally, keep in mind, the old saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” So, if it becomes necessary to reschedule, postpone or add an additional meeting to iron out the details, it’s OK. you will land the deal and sign the contract in due time. Don’t stress. Stay calm. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. In fact, you have 168 hours this week and 730.48 hours next month to get done what you need to do. Minus time for sleep, play and family of course.


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