Asking purposeful power questions demonstrates your interest and intelligence. Asking the right questions can do more than just get you the right answers…they can help you build better relationships and get you better clients and greater business success.

Have You Stayed Awake At Night Wondering, “How Can I Make Better Connections with Prospect, Clients & Employees?

purposeful power questions for better business

Isn’t It Time You Worked Smarter and Not Harder?

If you don’t know the right questions to ask and how/when to ask them, you’ll never find the right answers.


In the Entrepreneurs Purposeful Power Questions series, we cover the 337 “essential” questions that can get the information that will help you to get what you need. This series is based on the book, “Power Questions, Build Relationships, Win New Business, and Influence Others.”

I do not know of another business thinker, who asks better questions than Andrew Sobel. In this book, Sobel and co-author Jerold Panas offer and discuss 337 “essential” questions that can obtain information that will help you succeed in woke and in life.

In this series we will cover power questions that are purposeful in getting you better connections and better business. Here are just a few sample questions…

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“What did you learn from that?” (Chapter 16)
Comment: Every setback (don’t call it a failure) should be a valuable learning opportunity.

“Can we start over?” (Chapter 8)
Comment: What isn’t working, what isn’t happening, will often reveal what will. The Lakota suggest never feeding a dead horse.

“What do you wish you could do more of?” (Chapter 25)
Comment: The best career advice I ever encountered was offered by Teresa Amabile during a commencement address at Stanford. In effect, do what you love (and are passionate about) because you will then be doing what you do best. People do not necessarily have to change a position to do what they do best and love most.

[/messagebox] Ask yourself if you can afford not to follow this series. Can your business stand another year of not getting what you need in order to succeed?

Today’s movers and shakers maximize connections and build worthwhile relationships.


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