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Your Life is Valuable. What You Offer the World is Necessary.

There is a reason why you have those 3:00 am BIG IDEAS. Those things in life that excite you the most are those things – you’ve heard it before – you would do for free. Although it’s a cliche, it is very powerful. How many things in your life would you absolutely do without compensation if the need for financial compensation were not an issue? Sit still for a bit while that savor in your mind and get some food for thought. 🙂

PS. As much as I know you love your children, I mean outside of the obvious, being a wonderful parent & spouse. Dig deeper!

Dear Creative Independent Entrepreneurs:

“Many entrepreneurs struggle in business because they are so focused on their passion, they fail to learn the business of their business. Many business problems are personal problems in disguise, that is why I believe in a holistic approach to developing the dynamic brand of an entrepreneur, including personal mastery and leadership – both critical for personal achievement and professional success. Each are woven in the fabric of all aspects of your business. Hence, the necessity for a holistic approach to building a revenue generating business that includes: your brand, media, marketing & public relationships.

Building a profitable enterprise requires a bird’s eye view of your vision while maintaining laser-focused attention to the necessary strategies & best practices to achieve your goals.

I challenge each entrepreneur to raise the bar to prepare for the work & excitement of exemplifying a brand to attract your ideal buyers; crafting a 5-star reputation to convert more buyers; and build public relationships that will bring together a tribe of loyal followers as well as catapult your success.

Each of my platforms are designed to provide you with honest, realistic and tangible action plans for dreamers to balance creativity and strategy implementation.

Entering the marketplace independently is one of the BOLDEST & COURAGEOUS acts an individual can take – I celebrate you!  Leaving the security of employment is one of the most scariest and often loneliest spaces for entrepreneurs. That is why I encourage you to get empowered by joining the movement of like-minded creatives to change the way we do business.

I invite creative entrepreneurs across the globe to create synergy & inspire each other to greatness. I ask you to join the Dream Achievers Forum to share your journeys of struggle and triumph – and everything in between. Our collective mastermind will push us become leaders in our industry; to take our rightful place in the forefront of business. Why, because we are bringing the best of ourselves and the best of our business. We are sharing our skills, talent and special gifts to leave a positive mark in the world. Our personal achievement and professional success will undoubtedly create extraordinary brands that will inspire others to pursue their passion & purpose-driven business.”

Go-Getters & Dream Achievers become Industry Influencers. You are all three.

You are your brand and your brand is you. Now let’s walk it; talk it; be it; and exemplify it to the world -together.

In awareness, passion, joy, purpose & ExtraOrdinary business,

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Andrea Callahan is a brand designer. She helps passion & purpose-driven entrepreneurs maximize their strengths to craft and implement an image that represents their WHY and to use that why to position themselves as an Industry Influencer. She a speaker, seminar leader and the author of, "It's Your Brand ~ Make Your Identity Clear" available on Amazon.com Callahan launched the Industry Influencer Academy at academy.andreacallahan.com

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