Guest Blogging the Right Way

Guest blogging the right way

Guest blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website and blog.

It’s also a great way to build authority within your niche. In addition, it is a way to earn links back to your website from authoritative and relevant websites, which will help to increase your page rank. But, for guest blogging to work it has to be strategic.

Blog Only on Relevant Blogs

It’s important to only blog on relevant blogs that your audience would read. You are trying to attract a very specific audience and if a particular blog doesn’t market to your audience you’re just wasting your time and effort. You can do a search for blogs that accept guest posts, or if you read blogs that are within your area of expertise you can simply ask them if they accept guest posts. Do not pay for placing a guest blog post.

Keep Track of Your Efforts

It’s important to keep track of all your guest blogging efforts. You want to know when the blog was published, the URL of the blog, and other relevant information so that you can know whether or not blogging there is working for you. As they say, nothing is ever done without finishing the paperwork, and it couldn’t be truer for guest blogging. If you’re not getting results, it’s time to move on.

Promote Your Guest Blog Posts

Just like you promote your blog posts on your own website, it’s imperative that you also promote any guest blog posts that are published. Not only will the publisher appreciate it, but your audience will too. Without promotion, blog posts don’t go very far. You should be proud to promote every piece of content that you write to your audience.

Write Quality Blog Posts

Do your research into what makes a great blog post. You want to include a relevant image, as well as the right keywords for your audience and the subject matter. You want to also make sure that the blog post has enough white space with a good use of bullets and lists. Spend some time editing your blog posts to make them truly excellent.

Develop an Effective Author’s Bio Plus a Professional Headshot

Each blog you guest post on will have different rules, but all of them will enable you to include an author’s bio and a headshot. Ensure that your author’s bio is keyword rich so that it attracts and speaks to your audience as well as directs them to the information on your own website that you want them to see. Your headshot should be professional and representative of your image and your niche.

Finding places to guest blog, as well as ensuring that your posts are quality, then promoting them as much as you’d promote anything else you write, will go far in helping you succeed with your guest blogging strategy.

Guest blogging all wrong

Article Marketing…Gone Wrong

On the flip side, be mindful where you are placing your brand. Anywhere you land on the web MUST COLLABORATE with the purpose, value and mission of  your brand. It makes no sense to strive to build a 5-star reputation only to tarnish it by connecting with unsavory spam-filled Internet sites. Here is an interesting article that illustrates this point.

When you offer your space to guest bloggers, be sure to verify their identity. Ensure they are going to represent your brand, much in the same way an employee would. Don’t get caught up with bloggers who’s sole intention is page ranking. They may lose sight of the greater purpose: to connect with your target market. The center of your blogging efforts is to connect with your ideal buyer. If a guest blogger does not lend to the end…NO DEAL.

Guest blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website or blog, however, keep in mind your ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your vision, mission & purpose for being in business.

In awareness, passion, joy & inviting the right blogging guests,

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Have you ever used guest bloggers? Do you frequently blog for others?

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