How Can I Work With All These Technical Difficulties

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I am on a roll. I am diligently working, I am in a rhythm and feeling good. All of sudden the page is loading much longer than usual. I am afraid to refresh just yet, because I am not certain if I am going to lose all of my work.

You know how it is when you are in the zone? Your ingenuity is flowing, you are a creative genius. All of a sudden, you realize, the page is still not loading! Now what? Yes, I know, I check the connectivity and it says, “Internet Not Found.”

Oh nooo! Now what do I do? I can’t finish my blog post, I can’t update my Twitter and I can’t check my Facebook page for new comments! What am I supposed to do until my Internet comes back up?

I take a deep breath and realize, this may not be a totally bad thing. Since I don’t feel like going to Starbucks or Panera Bread, two of my favorite places to work. I will have to figure out how to be productive offline.

Let me review my To-do list and find if there are any items on there that do not require the Internet…

Well, the obvious and probably the most productive thing I can do at this moment is to clean off my desk and organize my work. I am a jotter – you know a scribbler. I am the one who takes notes on the first paper I find available. I make every effort to date it and keep track of the essential who, what, when and why. It is no surprise this poor documentation gets out of hand, often.

So, while I am having technical difficulty with my Internet…I am going to clean my office and organize my files.

It’s amazing…bringing order to your external space actually stimulates order in your internal world too. Creativity is starting to flow. As I am organizing, new ideas are coming to mind. I am remembering past intentions so I grab a pen and pad to jot these concepts down before I lose them!

Plans are coming to mind. I am laying out the outline for my next book. A tagline for my upcoming product launch has come to the forefront of my brain. Uh oh I am smoking here. I can hardly keep up. I am having an avalanche of 3:00 am big ideas at noon. I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed with the grandness of my thoughts. I have to get this under control before I lose it all.

Creating MindmapsSo, while I am having technical difficulty with my Internet…I am going to brainstorm my ideas and create a mind-map to organize a plan of action.

Planning and setting goals is such a great use of this time. I have chunked down the massive goal into manageable chunks of smaller objectives and now I can breath a sigh of relief. I am back in control. I am free to allow my mind to wonder. I am free to daydream. I am free to relax for a bit.

In this peaceful space, so many wondrous thoughts are flowing through. I have remembered an issue a client presented to me last week. As I reflect on a solution, I think about the numbers of other people who are probably experiencing the same thing. So, I begin to jot down some ideas. I peruse my extensive library of personal development, marketing and business books. I have found some great solutions.

So, while I am having technical difficulty with my Internet…I am going to write a new blog post or begin to outline my next book.

This has been the most productive day, I must admit. It has been my intention to clean my office, organize my files, create an action plan and sit still to write. Amazing, I set the intention and the universe made it happen.

The Internet is back! But I am going to shut my computer down. There is so much to be done. I am relaxed. I feel good and there is some creativity inside yet to be expressed.

How about that… What would you do if you suddenly realized your were having technical difficulties with your Internet? Leave your comments below, I am really interested about how you will spend your time.

In awareness, passion, joy, purpose & success,

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