How Important is Punctuality In Your Sales Technique

An Entrepreneur Must Be Punctual. Period.

As a person who is responsible for the success of your business, it is essential that you both honor and value your time.

be on time for successSuccessful business professionals recognize the importance of time. As you may have heard many times before, “time is money.” When closing the deal and signing the contract is on the line…this is the closest to the truth as one can get.

If you are like most consultants, you probably frequently schedule sales calls. Even freelancers must schedule a time to meet with prospects to get hired. Whichever the case, if it is routine business  to meet with a potential buyer to present your service, it is very important to respect their time. When a potential client blocks out time for you, it is vital that you demonstrate your appreciation.

Effective ways to show yourself and a prospect that you value their time are:


  • Maximize your time by scheduling hard and soft appointments in reasonable spaces. Do not schedule two back to back hard sales that may require additional sales time for example.
  • Use your time during the day for tasks that directly relate to selling your services. For example, do not spend business hours writing thank you cards.
  • Use any tools necessary, either written or with an electronic device to organize your time, manage appointments and assign tasks to prepare for meetings.
  • If you absolutely positively have to reschedule an appointment, make every attempt to get a colleague to stand in for you. If this not feasible, call to reschedule as soon as possible. Be authentic and sincere with your explanation.
  • Be wise with your time, do not overbook yourself. Allow yourself the gift of time to give a thorough persuasive presentation. Give yourself plenty of time between appointments too.
  • Remember, you are on your prospect’s time, be patient. Don’t get overworked if they take up more time than you allotted for, if you get the contract…those extra few minutes will be a good investment.

Every entrepreneur is a sales person. You must sell if you want to sell your services. The number 5 sales strategy is to be on time, all the time.

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