So, Why do I need to use emotional headlines?

Find out from my previous post, the EMV score of my headline for the launch of my new academy.

“Manifesting Industry Influencers Transforming the passion purpose-driven to build thriving profitable businesses – doing what they love”

As you know, humans are emotional creatures. We like to feel, and to share our feelings with others. Industry Influencers understand that and leverage it by connecting with their audiences through emotion rather than logic.

Every minute, 347 new blog posts are published on WordPress. And in that same minute,  Facebook users share content 684,478 times, and that was back in 2012! Industry Influencers you must action – it could translate into tens of thousands of dollars of additional revenue for your business.

Many business owners who are working to become Industry Influencers have conducted social reach tests for their content, most have arrived at the same conclusion: content with headlines that contain high EMV scores get shared far more on social media than content with low EMV scores.

Sites like Buzzfeed, Viral NovaDistractify and Huffington Post are great examples of how to utilize EMV for a large number of social shares. Their content goes viral because of the highly effective emotional triggers in their headlines that persuade visitors to read and share. The stronger the emotion, the more compelled people are to share the content.

Here is the takeaway: 

Industry Influencers become leaders in their industry because their tribe follows, promotes and shares their content. If you want to give your content the best chance to be shared and yes, even go viral, use headlines with high EMV.

What is an Emotional Market Value score?

The level of emotional connection your words will forge with people is your EMV score. The underlying theory is certain words trigger emotional consistent emotional responses. The regularity of these reactions gives you the ability to greater predict the response that certain phrase and word combinations will produce. This puts you in better control of your outcomes.

Language with high EMV appeals to the emotions in a variety of ways. It can:

  • Appeal to the desire to be liked and accepted
  • Promise to make a difficult or boring task easier, quicker or more fun
  • Validate an uncomfortable feeling and offer a positive solution
  • Address worries and fears and give hope

Consider this: which headline would you click on from the options below?

Low EMV: “Tips for Getting An Office Organized. ”
High EMV: “Incredibly Simple Ways To Get Your Office Organized Today.”

The high EMV headline promises that the task will be easy and you will see results today. It also includes the word ‘your’. Using direct words such as ‘your’ and ‘you’ are an easy way to establish a connection between you and your reader. It makes it clear that you are speaking directly to her.

The English language contains approximately 20% EMV words. Here’s a small selection to give you some ideas:

Understanding Top 10 Emotions of your buyers

People have an emotional connection to these words, and when used in the right way, they can catch our interest and spur us into action.

How do I use this tool to write better headlines?

First, set the intention to write at least 25 headline variations for your content. Why so many? The first 10 headlines you write will be simple and, well, probably boring or lack the emotional impact you need. The exercise will also warm up your brain, so for the next 15, you’ll become more creative and apply deeper insight to the words.

Strategy: When you write a headline, choose the most impactful word of the sentence and look it up in the thesaurus and see if there is a better word to evoke the emotion that you want. For example, if you offer a new energy bar in your health food store what other words can be used to say it will energize you? Vigorous, activate, enliven, fire-up, jump-start, stimulate, vitalize, vivify, zip up…you get the idea. 🙂

Strategy: Always highlight  the benefit to your visitor if they read the article. For example, this headline promises information that will increase your understanding of implementing emotional value – the subtitle made clear, we would specifically talk about the EMV in your headlines.

Tool:  The Emotional Headline Analyzer analyzes the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) in, you guessed it, your headline. This tool can help you write incredibly effective headlines to increase the likelihood your visitor will click the link for more information or continue reading your copy.


The Emotional Headline Analyzer

The tool is very simple to use. Enter your first headline into the text area. Then, use the dropdown menu to select the category that best fits the target industry for your content. Press ‘Submit For Analysis’, and you’ll be taken to a page that shows your results.

Marketing Value Analyzer

Great copy has an EMV of 30-40%, so that’s what you should be aiming for. The very best copywriters can achieve a staggering 50-75%. For any super-competitive readers out there: yes a perfect score of 100% is possible, however it’s very rare unless your sentence is less than 5 words.

Now it’s time to get really creative. Look at the headlines that received high scores, and look for similarities between them. What makes them emotionally appealing? You should see patterns emerge. Start mixing and matching until you craft a winning mix. Swap words around, substitute new words, and have some fun. Keep tweaking and testing your headlines until you’ve maximized your EMV.

TIP: Other analysis factors:

The analyzer also gives feedback on the type of emotional appeal your headline has based on three classifications – intellectual, empathetic, or spiritual. It then gives you specific examples of which markets best suit each classification.

EMV Analyzer gives feedback

This valuable information can help you make sure you’re aligning your content with your target market well. It will help you determine if you are using the right language and stimulating the emotion that will activate them to explore your offer further.

Tip: Take heed to your headlines in your social media campaigns to encourage followers to repost, retweet, pin, share and +1.


Here are the results of that headline I shared with you at the beginning of the article:

Free Headline Analysis Results
Thanks for using Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer! You submitted the following headline for Emotional Marketing Value analysis:

“Manifesting Industry Influencers Transforming the passion purpose-driven to build thriving profitable businesses – doing what they love”

Your Headline’s EMV Score:

This score indicates that your headline has a total of 23.53% Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) Words. To put that in perspective, the English language contains approximately 20% EMV words.

And for comparison, most professional copywriters’ headlines will have 30%-40% EMV Words in their headlines, while the most gifted copywriters will have 50%-75% EMV words in headlines.

A perfect score would be 100%, but that is rare unless your headline is less than five words.

While the overall EMV score for your headline is 23.53%, your headline also has the following predominant emotion classification:


Your headline carries words that have a predominantly Spiritual appeal. Words that resonate with Spiritual impact are the smallest number of words in the language. AMI research has found that Spiritual impact words carry the strongest potential for influence and often appeal to people at a very deep emotional level.

Words with Spiritual impact are best used with people and businesses desiring to make an appeal to some aspect of spirituality. This does not mean religion specifically, but any product or service that resonates with “spirituality” oriented markets are appropriate. The clergy, new age, health food and related markets all respond favorably to sales copy heavy with Spiritual impact content. Women and children also respond strongly to words in the Spiritual sphere. Marketing documents with strong Spiritual impact content can make for the most powerful presentations in the marketplace but must be used with considerable skill.

What’s the takeaway for the headline to introduce my new academy? I’m left having to ask myself a few questions:

  1. What word shift can I make to hit the score of 40% or higher? (I am an overachiever)
  2. Although my work has a spiritual component, I encourage business owners to follow their passion but am I sure if such a high spiritual impact is what I want?
  3. Would I rather use words that speak more intellectually?

Now it’s your turn. Get your best headline and see what score you come up with.

Use this tool for every headline you write.

A  content marketing golden rule for Industry Influencers is to spend just as much time or more for writing your headline as you spend writing your content. Catching your viewer’s attention and compelling them to continue to read your copy is essential. Think about it, you may have great content but if no one is intrigued enough to read ti…

Do you take action when you read a compelling headline? What is it about the last headline that captured your attention convinced you to read the article? Let us know in the comments.

In awareness, passion, joy, purpose and extraordinary business,

Helping transform Industry Influencers


Andrea Callahan is a brand designer. She helps passion & purpose-driven entrepreneurs maximize their strengths to craft and implement an image that represents their WHY and to use that why to position themselves as an Industry Influencer. She a speaker, seminar leader and the author of, "It's Your Brand ~ Make Your Identity Clear" available on Callahan launched the Industry Influencer Academy at

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