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ayurveda and it's amazing benefits

About The Ancient Practice Of Ayurveda

About Ayurveda

One of the ancient medical systems which are recognized for its beneficial influence on human health is Ayurveda. This field of medicine considers the human beings to belong to any of the three systems, kapha, pitta and vatta. These are known as doshas or the different systems in the health of individuals. When there is an imbalance, that is when a health problem occurs. There are different ayurvedic treatments that aim to balance the doshas and that include different approaches which is also inclusive of ayurvedic supplements. The supplements are available in different forms. They are often made out of herbs as well as spices and then combined with metals. These help treat diverse problems like the common cold, epilepsy, insomnia, hepatitis and others.

Different Kinds Of Ayurvedic Treatments

There are different approaches to ayurvedic treatments. One such approach is the panchakarma which involves the five modalities used to purify the body as well as to cure diseases. The ayurvedic supplements are then formulated in different ways in order to support each modality.

  • In this approach, capsules with liquid ingredients are administered into the rectum


  • The second form is when one has to inhale liquids and herbalised oils through the nostrils


  • The third stage is that of rehabilitation


  • At the fourth stage ayurvedic supplements can induce vomiting


  • At the final stage, the preventive supplements for diseases are provided


About Rasa Shastra

The art of this treatment can be traced back to rasa shastra. At such a time chemists learnt the art of combining herbs as well as minerals by different methods such as controlled heat, grinding, churning and mixing. The ayurvedic supplements that were formed were in liquid and powdered form which could be encapsulated and made into tablets. There are spices, minerals and herbs mixed in these supplement as well as ingredients like sesame oil and fennel, ghee, bitter melon and neem. Heavy metals like mercury and lead are added as catalysts in order to make the other ingredients work more effectively.

What To Know When Buying Ayurvedic Supplements

Ayurvedic supplements are manufactured in many countries like India, US and others. They are sold online as well. When one is opting for such supplements they need to bear in mind certain facts:

  • Many are formulated as per the principles of rasa shastra and such supplements are inclusive of high concentrations of lead and mercury


  • Such high metal concentration is usually above the permissible standards which drugs abide by


  • It is imperative that one consults medical practitioners in this field in order to be prescribed the right medicines and supplements


  • Supplements would differ from the medical ayurvedic products as the former will work in a preventive manner

Nowadays there are many brands in this field of medicine that remove the harmful metal contents and make the products safe and natural for the customers.

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This article has been authored by Arijit Roul. He has contributed several natural supplement articles on different forums. His site provides reliable information on natural supplements.

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