How to Capture and Exploit Creative Inspiration

Harness its true power, and exploit it with max efficiency by working hard during those intervals.

When I have my creative ideas flowing? I grab something and start brainstorming quick. Exploit the interludes of inventiveness and then stretch that content as much as you can.

I find it’s a great time to work on my “Swipe File”.

I use my swipe file differently than most people.

A swipe file is basically a brainstorm session where I write down ideas for content. Not just email content… But all content. One good idea can be stretched into 20 different pieces of content these days… Right?

Then you stretch that single piece of content everywhere you can.

Scientifically exploit your mental energy expenditure.

I market everywhere.

I put my content everywhere.

So my “Swipe File”; is actually the backbone and spinal column for my entire online presence.

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