How Industry Influencers Get Prospects to Say Yes

Industry Influencers get to yes

What’s the Secret to Why Some Buyers Are Willing to Pay More?

Have you ever thought about what inspired people to make purchases? What motivates them to sign the contract? How do they decided to say, YES!

Honestly, have you considered what encouraged your  clients to say yes to you? What did they find appealing about your offer? Why you? Why now? I think about this all the time in my business. I want to understand what attracts a prospect to me. I am clear about who my ideal client is and why I prefer to work with them, but I am fascinated to understand why they choose me.

Many entrepreneurs don’t give this question a second thought. Most small business owners I know can’t answer the question in a deep meaningful way. I mean really, any of can recite the words from our sales pages or regurgitate our 30-second elevator speech. But that is not why people buy from us. People don’t enter their credit card number because you have a great copywriter -although that certainly helps :-). People say yes because they have been moved in some way. Something about you makes them sift through the noise and agree to close the deal. Your Ad may have gotten their attention, but that is not what converted the sale.

Understanding the essential principals of psychology and marketing is a critical asset for any entrepreneur looking to become an Industry Influencer. Let’s be clear, I am not talking about, “tactics” or tricking consumers into buying from you. Although there are some effective covert selling strategies to get a sale, unfortunately, they do not lend to the repeat buyer conversion. Those strategies do not convince someone to become brand loyal. In order for them to be a part of your tribe,  you would still have to create an environment that resonates with them in a personal way.

Once you  strategically position your brand in front of your target market, it is your task to create a message that speaks directly to them. Your language should be what they understand. Your tone should be one that attracts them to you. Your presence must be a welcomed source of solutions. When your brand comes before them, it should be like welcoming a trusted friend.

How Industry Leaders get to the YESIf your goal is to make moves like an Industry Influencer, you must craft quality messages that are client-centered. Your attention should be on the prospect and their needs. The only time you should really talk about yourself is when it’s time to convey your message of solutions.

Every touch-point in your business must have your prospect front and center. Your messages are not about you. Your brand speaks for you, so when you have a moment to talk, you can focus on what most important to the potential buyer – their wants and needs.

Whether your message is in a free report,  an instructional video, on a flyer or post on your Facebook page, stay focused on building a connection. If you consistently bring quality informative content your readers, they will grow to trust you. If you are in the habit of supplying them relative news about what’s important to them, your followers will grow to rely on you.

The most effective way to get more yes(s)? Is yeses a word 🙁 Ok I don’t think it is. The most effective way to get more people to say yes, is to make an emotional connection with them. 🙂 You want your prospect to resonate with your message because it does not overtly sell to them.

Cheerios™ “Just Checking” Campaign Exemplifies Relationship Marketing Beautifully

Relationship Marketing makes the connection for your brand & your prospect.

Cheerios™, exemplifies this point well. This commercial is sending very clear messages about family, a daughter’s love for her father, a heart healthy diet and –  incidentally if these things are important to you…choose Cheerios.

General Mills did not use the air time going on about all the reasons about why their company is so great or how their product is the best. Their message is clear, concise and evokes an emotional response. Possible connections:

  1. Children do worry about their parents health…maybe I should too;
  2. Heart health is important, my Dad had a heart attack;
  3. Mothers agree making healthy eating choices is good for their family;
  4. Dads agree to make better breakfast choices;
  5. Kids are empowered to have a say in products;

The list goes on. There are so many possible variations this marketing campaign speaks to the hearts and minds of possible consumers. This is what Industry Leaders do. They don’t have to jump through hoops to try to convince you to buy. It is not necessary to trick you. They simply send a message that covertly makes a connection to what’s important to you and offer themselves as a viable solution.

Are you ready to walk with the super-successful by delivering the right message to the most appropriate buyers? Are you prepared to review your messages to ensure they are making good connections with the people who are more likely going to buy from you? Once you have their attention, does your content focus on what’s important to them? Does your message encourage them to become loyal subscribers or a one-shot sale? Does your message exemplify all the reasons they should say yes, because you completely understand what they need? Will your viewers be excited about joining your tribe if they say yes?

Relationship marketing encompasses all of the above  to directly increase your YES’s. Which directly maximizes your brand exposure,  your leads and consequently profit margin.

In awareness, passion, joy & getting more YESs! (Yes, I am determined to make that work)

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