“I’ve never meditated before is it difficult?”

 I have a **new** reason for you to fall in love with Monday’s: Meditation Monday!

I have been teaching and creating meditations for several years and have more recently been integrating it into what I offer and my work a whole lot more, because everything starts in energy.

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In this new series I am answering the most common questions I get about meditation. Whether you are new or someone who has tried meditation but gave up or someone who meditates every day I know you will find something to inspire you to take your practice deeper. Do share in comments below your experiences around meditation and of course your questions too.

So you’re new to meditation?

Maybe you are not so new but just feel like you aren’t sure if you are doing it right…well firstly I am so glad you have stopped here.

Maybe you feel you ‘should’ be meditating but when you have tried you have felt self-conscious or found and excuse to not do it. It’s OK but by the end of this article you will feel ready to pursue meditation.

Meditation is easy!

The reason people find meditation hard is they start having never done it and expect to sit for as long as possible, often on their own with an empty mind.

Whatever anyone tells you, you cannot empty your mind. It only empties when you die! However you can quieten your mind and turn down the volume of the inner chatter. In fact as you practice meditation more which ultimately is about focus as well as growth, self-connection and self-love as well as transformation you will experience those ‘zen-like’ moments where it appears your mind is empty. What you have really done is got rid of the excess mind baggage that gets carried around.

How to start with meditation…

My advice is to start easy. Don’t go for the ‘I must sit for 30 minutes’ malarkey.

Think of meditation like a muscle that you want to strengthen but at first you are going for light weights to get the muscle ready. (As this series goes on the metaphoric heavy weights will be coming in so get your meditation muscle warmed up here!)

My advice is start off with a simple breathing exercise where you are simply focussing on self-connection and quietening the mind.

This will help you get used to meditating and you will experience progress far more than setting yourself up to find meditation difficult.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this meditation approach is somehow less or not going to give you any of the known benefits of meditation like stress relief, calm, inner peace, more energy, revitalisation etc…! I still use this same process when I feel like I need to connect to ‘me’ in the day. The thing with meditation is size doesn’t matter, commitment does!

Grab your starter meditation here

As this is Fall in Love with Meditation Monday, no. 1 I have recorded the breathing meditation for you.

It is about 3 minutes long and as you commit to this meditation daily, or every other day after a couple of weeks of following my recording, I want to encourage you to try it yourself and increase the number of minutes you sit in meditation. Aim to build up to about 10 minutes.

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Don’t forget to share this article and leave me a comment or question below. Until next Monday, enjoy meditating.

Sarupa Shah

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