Marketing Psychology Strategies for Industry Influencers -9

How to Clients Excited About Doing Business With You

Examples of Core Values



·         For customers

·         For team members

·         For suppliers

·         For all people we interact with


·         Team members support each other’s development and efforts

·         Each person in our company is a valued member of our team


·         We always act with honesty

·         We follow-through and deliver on our promises


·         We accept responsibility for our actions

·         We accept responsibility for our commitments

Continuous Improvement

·         We strive to continuously improve our processes, products and services

·         We actively seek customer feedback to drive improvement and innovation

Open Communication

·         We communicate openly and frequently with all stakeholders

·         We encourage and value the contributions and opinions of all team members


We help all our team members to create a healthy life/work balance
Customer Commitment

·         We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers

·         We respond to all customer requests with speed

·         We strive to provide the highest standard of excellence in customer service

What are some of your core values? What values are the foundation of your business? How do your personal values impact your business decisions?

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