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moving past objections

Increase Your Revenue by Signing More Contracts

Think about the most common objections you have faced in the last year. Write these objections down and any action(s) you have taken to overcome them. Reflect on how you handled the reasons of opposition?


Excerpt  from the Course: Overcoming Objections & Nail the Sale

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you are always looking for ways to overcome client objections and close the sale. A major part of your duties as the business owner is to secure business, for this reason you must learn to work through objectives effectively. It is necessary that you plan and prepare for objections so that you can address your prospect’s concerns, reduce the number of objections you encounter, and improve your averages at closing sales.

Successful entrepreneurs understand this fact…YOU ARE A SALESPERSON. You may not appreciate the term but if you are in business to earn money – you are one who sells. You have to sell your services to prospects and sell your mission to employees and stakeholders.

At the end of this series, you should be able to:

  • Identify the steps you can take to build your credibility.
  • Identify the objections that you encounter most frequently.
  • Develop appropriate responses when prospective buyers throw you a curve.
  • Learn ways to disarm objections with proven rebuttals that get the sale back on track.
  • Learn how to recognize when a prospect is ready to buy.
  • Identify how working with your sales team can help you succeed.

Personal Learning Objectives

 Build Credibility

In order to build credibility with potential buyers, you have to first be credible to yourself. You must fully support your products and your services before you try to convince someone else they have value. If you believe you are selling a good product or offering a valuable service, you won’t have much difficulty selling that it to other people.

meaure credibilityCommon ways others perceive credibility

Your body language (open, confident) and your tone of voice (positive, enthusiastic, pleasant) will tell them that you believe in what you are selling.

When arriving at a meeting location for example, you want to look poised, confident & prepared for business.

The first impression goes a long way to establishing your authority. You should have a clean vehicle; polished shoes; trimmed, clean fingernails; clean, groomed hair; no heavy scent or body odor; and preferably only one bag. Think about it…isn’t this the image must of us hold true as “professional?” Now of course I understand, for 21st century entrepreneurs, the standard of professionalism varies and what is considered professionally acceptable attire solely depends on the brand of the organization, Generally speaking however, it is safe to say if you present with above criteria, you will probably be viewed as a professional and therefore, credible,

[dropcap]T [/dropcap]he rules of engagement may vary but the humanness for people to make assessments and categorize others is still the same.

Your confidence plays a major role in whether or not you appear credible to potential buyers.


build crediblity and increase sales


What is the number one collaborator of confidence? Yes, body language.?

[pullquote align=”right”] Body Language [/pullquote]

 The process of communicating non-verbally through conscious or unconscious gestures and movements.

In addition, be conscious of your body movements. Don’t fiddle with your hair, tug at or adjust your clothing, play with your facial hair, or otherwise fidget. When you are restless and uneasy it often manifests in nervous movements.

Fidgeting detracts from your credibility and can demonstrate nervousness or a lack of confidence.

Give your potential buyer every reason why they should hire you.

Your objective is to eliminate an reason for hesitancy. You do not want to give a prospect a second thought for investing with you. You are talented, you have special gifts and a skill-set to meet their needs…so walk it, talk it and believe it and your client’s will too.

You must believe that your company, your products, and your services are the best.  You can deliver on a promise to serve your clients with excellence. You are passionate and driven. You give it your all, everyday. As an entrepreneur, you push through fear, anxiety, stress and financial uncertainty. That is what makes you a dynamic small business owner. Convey that in your presentations, calls, demonstrations and the like. Project to your potential client what makes you know they will appreciate your services.

Can you think of other ways you can build your credibility?

In awareness, passion, purpose and credibility,

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