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How To Maintain Healthy Body?

We all want to have a healthy body and avoid the risks caused due to overweight or obesity or due to the lifestyle.  The key to the healthy body are healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.  You have to find out the lifestyle and diet which is suitable for your body and to follow it regularly to have a healthy body. Some of the important things in maintaining a healthy body are discussed here.

Watch What You Eat

Our food plays an important role in maintaining the health of our body.  When we take excess calories they get stored in the form of fat and can lead to various health problems.  Keeping a diary of what you are consuming every day will help you to understand what you are consuming and how much you will need to burn off from your body through exercise.  You can control your food intake according to your body weight and how much you have to reduce to be in the ideal weight. Calculating your daily calorie intake and knowing your BMI will help you in deciding what type of exercise or what lifestyle changes you may need to maintain a healthy body.

Reduce Your Portion Size

When you eat large meals three times a day your body will start storing the excess calories in the food in the form of body fat.

  • Reduce the portion size and consume the food five to six times a day.
  •  This will make your stomach feel full and avoid cravings for food. This will prevent consumption of excess calories.
  • Whether you are consuming grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables or meat restrict it to the size of your fist per day.

This is all what is required to keep you healthy. Consume low fat and high fibrous food to maintain a healthy body.

Cut Down On Sugar, Salt And Alcohol

Cutting down food rich in sugar will reduce the calorie intake. There are no nutrients present in sugar and hence cutting down on the sugar will not affect the supply of nutrients in your body. Too much use of salt may cause high blood pressure and related problems. Increased salt content may cause retention of water in the body. Avoid consuming fast foods and processed foods with high sodium content. It is better to avoid the use of alcohol, if you want to maintain a healthy body. Limit the consumption of alcohol to moderate level. Drinking alcohol increases the calorie intake and it affects the proper working of different organs in our body.

Physical Activity

Physical activity can improve your health as it increases the metabolic rate of the body and improves the blood circulation. Physical activity improves the oxygen supply to the cells and better utilization of energy. It improves our muscle strength and bone strength and makes you more energetic. So, having right food habits and physical activity will help a person to have a healthy and fit body.

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Arijit Roul is a health buff and writes articles on the need for maintaining good health.  You can read his articles at beregnbmi.dk .

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