Rescuing Dreams Lost with Faith, Hope & Love

Faith Hope & Love

How to Keep Going When Everything Around You Says, “GIVE UP!”

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For the past few weeks, I have been diligently working to prepare for my fall launch. This past summer, I made the decision to rebrand myself, my work and my business. I knew this was going to be a h-u-g-e undertaking, but I didn’t realize just how emotionally taxing it would be.

An honest assessment of my life and my business is what prompted this endeavor. My business was not at all what I dreamed about. I was not fulfilling my destiny. I had become an employee in my firm. I was chasing clients and worse, chasing past due invoices like a collection agency. Here’s a hint: when you are more committed to your client’s success and if you spend more time in your business on collections….things are OUT-OF-WHACK!

As I was looking through my video collection for a promo I used several years ago on another launch – yes, sometimes you must undergo several make-overs to find your sweet spot. The success journey may indeed include several trips back your intention. It may be necessary to reconnect to your values and goals. Sometimes…and yes it may be many times, you will find it necessary to stop the madness to realign and rejuvenate your passion.

Anyway,  I came across this video and all I could do was cry. You see, this morning at 3:00 am, I meditated and set the intention to launch from a place of authenticity, joy and purpose. I asked that my messages are clear and resonate with someone in need. I set out this morning to release content that would touch others in a deep and meaningful way. I want my business to reflect who I am and what I stand for, intrinsically. Of course, I want my marketing messages to be clear about my services but more importantly I want them to be heart-felt and meaningful about how I can serve others.

As I was looking through my video collection looking for a marketing video I came across this one. I was looking for a video that represents my current brand but speaks to where I’ve been as well as share the journey to the present. This video was not on my radar, in fact I had completely forgotten all about it. I haven’t seen it in years!

The Divine gave me exactly what I asked for. This video perfectly expresses my deepest sentiment about being a passion and purpose-driven entrepreneur, helping others like me fulfill their dreams of building a successful business doing what they love. This video directly expresses my intention to inspire dreamers to forge ahead even in darkness and through challenges. Watching this video was like reading the pages of an old journal when you realize what you need is already present deep inside you. This morning, I realized I have come full circle. I have returned to my original intention.

My service to business professionals is about more than branding. It goes much deeper than that. In order to have a strong brand, you must be clear about your WHY. The journey to discover that why may be awkward at best…The real challenge is uncovering the path to converting that why into a brand that resonates with the right people, at the place, at the right time. In order to do this effectively you must know who you are and do some self-reflection about both your strengths and areas of need. You must get real about your obstacles to success, even if the greatest barrier is you.

There are a many barriers to discovering and implementing your why. I’ll share with you a few of mine:

  • Lack of courage to be fully present with the unknown
  • Feelings of unworthiness, not feeling like I deserve the success I dream about
  • Anxiety about what happens if I fail or worse…if I succeed
  • Allowing pride to prevent me from asking for help
  • Giving the shame of failure the power to paralyze me
  • Limiting beliefs about wealth and abundance
  • Holding onto childhood messages that do not serve me well like, “Be seen and not heard” “Don’t brag about your talent or success, no one likes a show off,” “Don’t be selfish, give to everyone else first.” Actually this list could probably be another post on it’s own!

You get the idea. I’m sure you too can add a few other self-defeating habits to this list. We all must make a mindset shift in order to dream and yet another to create a plan. You have to shift your mindset when it’s time to implement; and yet many more times to maintain a healthy positive attitude to keep moving forward. When life is rudely interrupted; when maintaining that mindset is challenged it becomes necessary to consistently fill yourself with faith, hope and love. When your plans don’t go as outlined, you are sometimes forced to retreat. You may need to take a sabbatical. For me, late summer was more like being visiting the abyss of dreams lost.

I was in a very unhappy space. My business was struggling, I was ill and could not find the courage to keep going. My personal relationships were deteriorating and the ones in business, put on hold. Nothing I was doing was serving me well. Everything seemed to be out of sync and out of line. I was lost, confused, lonely and sad. Worse, I felt hopeless. The business decisions I made during this time of despair landed even more devastating blows. I wanted to quit. Quit everything. Although this space was not conducive to building a successful enterprise or living a life of joy, I just couldn’t give up on my dream.

The more challenges I faced, the stronger my 3:00 am BIG ideas became. I knew my future was bigger than this moment in time. I just had to figure out a way to keep going.

I know that I have a passion & purpose-driven destiny to fulfill, I just couldn’t frame it. I tried many ways to package it, but I couldn’t get it to translate into the substantial 7-figure revenue that’s on my vision board. I just couldn’t reach the success I wanted and I couldn’t do it without unnecessary hardships. I felt like I was close to success, but it was just out of reach. At times it seemed like it was so close…I could stick out my tongue and taste it. Something was missing. There was a nuance I was overlooking or there was a shift I needed to make. But what? I had no idea how to figure it out. So, I took that sabbatical I mentioned before. For the past few weeks I spoke few words, only to the Divine. I sat in silence. I did more listening.

For almost 3-weeks, I locked myself in my office. I started without a plan, only a destination. Success or die. 

I worked. I created. I dreamed. I cried. I mourned. I rejoiced. I celebrated. I re-energized. I cried more. In the end, I shed the past failures. I took the necessary lessons and released the things in my past that do not serve me well. I am in gratitude for the experience but I am renewed with vigor and excitement. My passion is restored and I am confident. I am successful. I am brave.

As I view this video I made several years ago, it almost feels like I created back then knowing I would need the reminder again today. The message of faith, hope and love is what inspired me then and rescued me now.

My intention for sharing this video it to inspire someone else…anyone who may in that place of darkness looking for some light. Someone who may be struggling to find themselves, struggling to find their purpose…anyone second-guessing their move to follow their dreams.

If you are at wits end, striving for personal achievement…keep going. If you are thinking about giving up on your dream…don’t. Your professional success awaits…You too can create a life that you can be proud of… as long as you, by any means necessary operate from a place of faith, hope & love.

In awareness, passion, joy, purpose, & extra-ordinary business,

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I hope I have inspired someone here today. Please share this message with others who may also be in need of encouragement. You know what they say, “Sharing is caring.”

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