Setting Your Client Experience At All Touch Points

There Is No Difference Between Brick And Mortar And Electronic


There is no substitute for positive customer experience when building a brand. Your aim should always be to satisfy your customers. After all a satisfied customer is a happy customer. Happy customers are more likely to become repeat customers. In addition, a happy customer is much more likely to be willing to leave you a positive review or recommend you to friends and family. You can’t ever buy this type of publicity or good will. Many successful personal brands were founded on the philosophy that the customer’s satisfaction is first and foremost.


At the same time, keep in mind that a dissatisfied customer can have exactly the opposite effect on your business that a happy customer does. An unhappy customer can cause untold damage to your brand and it’s reputation. They are almost certainly never going to give you their repeat business. What’s worse, they are not going to recommend you to other people. In fact, they may actually go out of their way to let other’s know about their negative experience.


Now, as Abe Lincoln said, we all know that you can’t please all of the people all of time. Sometimes, a customer will not be satisfied no matter what you do. Should this occur, you just chalk it up to experience. Also, this customer is so rare, that they really can’t do a great deal of damage to your brand or business. However, if the reason that your customer had a bad experience was preventable on your part, then you deserve the hit your brand takes. This is especially true if you knew a bad experience was possible, but failed to take steps to stop it from happening.


One of the primary ways to prevent a negative customer experience is to treat your online business as if it were on offline, brick and mortar, store. In theory, there should be no difference, from the customer’s point of view between the two, except of course that an online business has no physical presence. In practice, however, this is not always the case. Some people treat their online business as if the real world of customer satisfaction cannot affect them. They seem to believe that, because their brand exists online, the rules of common sense, and courtesy do not apply. Nothing could be further from the truth. An online brand is no different than an offline brand. There is not difference between a brick and mortar business and an electronic business when it comes to customer service. Remembering this can give your brand a leg up over your competition.

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