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 Challenges of An Entrepreneur

Lack of Focus

If you are like me, you awaken every morning at 3:00 with big ideas and grand plans. You are brainstorming ways to grow your business and increase your revenue. While these massive unique ideas are a good thing, they can become overwhelming if you are not able to manage and prioritize them. It is very easy to get become overpowered with all the things you must do to bring those visions to life.  As an entrepreneur, it’s your job to zero in on only your brightest ideas and see them through to the end. If you lack this focus, you’ll just waste your time bouncing around from one idea to another without accomplishing your goals or achieving your dreams. You don’t have to go it alone,  working with a skilled coach can provide you the direction and stability you need to get your goals accomplished.


Most entrepreneurs say they decided to start their own business because they wanted to set their own schedule. Many of us soon learned the time freedom is the worst thing you can have if you are not organized. Making the transition from a structured work schedule, it can be a challenge to establish a routine – and stick with it.  When you’re self-employed, it is critical to your business success that you are motivated to get up early each day and tackle all the necessary tasks for your business growth.

I bet you are just like many of us who find on most days you can get up motivated and excited about your day. However, what happens those days where it is not only hard to get motivated but harder to stay focused? . The great news is as an entrepreneur you are not bound by a time-clock. The bad news is you are not bound by a time-clock and here…procrastination doesn’t pay.

As an entrepreneur, you’re paid solely by your own ingenuity and determination. Your revenue is rooted in your productivity and success.


What is synonymous with entrepreneurs? You got it! Long hours and juggling most of the responsibility.   Therefore, it’s imperative that you build and master great time-management skills. Otherwise, as I am sure you have experienced this before, when you overextend yourself and commit to more than you can manage, things turn disastrous. In the end maximizing your time is not only good for your personal health but also the financial strength of your business. I know you probably believe if you don’t do it, it won’t be done right. This is absolutely not true. Unless you are doing a task not humanly possible for someone else to complete, there is someone else who can do. This is particularity true for those tasks that you are good at doing!

Allow yourself some relief. You deserve a break. You don’t have to go it alone. You are not the only one in business, pursuing a dream or fulfilling your life’s purpose…so why do it alone? Consider hiring a coach and let a business professional who knows exactly what you are going through light some paths for you. Callahan Coaching & Consulting coaches can help you navigate the path and ease some of the burden on your journey to success.


Do you know the number one killer of a dream? FINANCES or lack of…One of the biggest headaches for entrepreneurs is dealing with issuer around money. For a new entrepreneur, it’s often difficult to raise enough capital to start up their company. The same is true for established business owners. Many entrepreneurs have a hard time obtaining loans and lines of credit, as many banks set high eligibility requirements for small-business owners. Many small business owners do not have a budget for marketing or advertising, in fact for many, there is no money to bring home a salary.

In this case,passion, commitment and determination must be the driving force behind pursuing a venture with little or no financial reward in the beginning. So, now you are in starving artist mode…long hours, little or no pay but still dreaming and hoping for a breakthrough.  Here’s a short cut, a hook up and the helping hand you need…

What is Personal Strengths Coaching?

A private partnership designed to focus on the areas of your life in need of your attention to manifest your purpose, achieve your goals and create your optimum life. I believe the most important area is discovering your personal brand. The strengths perspective takes you on a journey of self-discovery of your unique insight, skills, talent and special gifts. The intention is to maximize your assets and translate them as tools for your personal mastery. Personal mastery creates your personal brand and is subsequently used a foundation for your professional and business success.

My unique style of personal coaching works with you to design a pattern of living as expressed by your personal brand. your brand is your life’s vision. Creating that brand of YOU is purposely defined by your passion and purpose. Ultimately, it is used as the blueprint for your thoughts, opinions, interests, choices, activities, actions and habits.

That brand of YOU is responsible for both the miss-steps and success of your business.

Coaching will help you uncover your vision;

Define your purpose;

Create your intention;and

Implement your plan of action to get exactly what you want ~

in your personal life & in your business.

It’s your destiny, take control and charter your course to personal achievement, professional success and extraordinary business. It’s your dream, let us help you go get it! You deserve it. Continue reading about how Callahan Coaching & Consulting can help you get what you want. Choose from one our strategically designed coaching packages or explore working one-on-one with a program specifically designed for your success.

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Who is Performance Coaching for?

For the discriminating empowerment seeker who demands a uniquely designed personal coaching program to get them from where they are to where they want to be. For the entrepreneur who intends to produce tangible strategies and results. Who choose to create both immediate and long term changes in their life and business.

Commitment to transform routine business to extraordinary business is key.

My coaching programs are created with you in mind – whether you are at the beginning of your self-discovery; in the planning stages of your life’s make-over or reinventing your business goals. If your desire is to catapult your success in business or simply seeking a more fulfilled life with passion and purpose (or a combination of both) – I got you covered.

What will coaching do for me?

In some cases, you will receive one-on-one personalized attention to your needs. I will provide you with feedback, guidance and a perspective from an outside vantage place, without judgement. We will create a collaborative, creative partnership that is built upon action to get what you want. Our work together, will entice your creativity to inspire your will and motivate your determination. Your exclusive coaching program will keep you forward moving, thinking and planning with your personal achievement, professional success and extraordinary business at the core.

What areas may I work on?

Life Balance Change Growth Mindset
Empowerment Communication Transition Brand Identity
Personal Mastery Authentic You Leadership Business


So, what makes coaching with you so great?

I will create a Personalized Strategy Plan (PSP) that is designed to meet your distinctive needs. Your coaching program is exclusive. It is  like no other.  I offer packages with any combination personal development, professional success and better business focus. You are in control of your destiny and equally in control of your coaching experience. I provide strategies, tools, inspiration, feedback and accountability for you to design a lifestyle that is the perfect reflection of you. …Because I hold you in such high regard, I offer coaching packages that are as unique and distinguished as you.

You will not find other coaching programs that offer this much flexibility. My exclusive coaching grants you all-in-one personal, professional & business action plans. My 5-star coaching guarantees individualized and specialized attention to your goals.

magic happens outside of comfort zoneMy elite programs are the choice of today’s movers and shakers seeking to deliberately create a purposeful life and passionate business.

For the sophisticated go-getter who chooses to live a life of distinction doing business with excellence  and who are ready to make magic happen, right now.

I see that personal mastery is the key to a profitable business. What are some areas to focus?

  • Personal and professional life balance
  • Accountability for maximum growth
  • Brainstorming creative ways to reach goals
  • Eliminating negative stress & optimizing productive stress
  • Completing projects & goals
  • Increasing effectiveness
  • Overcoming feelings of being isolated & overwhelmed
  • Managing self-sabotage
  • Action planning & preparation
  • Uncovering your business purpose
  • Clarity about your image and business brand
  • Avoiding distractions from your business values, purpose & mission
  • Recovering & maximizing from unexpected change or business event
  • Deleting negativity & importing positivity
  • Removing barriers, obstacles & roadblocks
  • Manifesting joy using your talent, skills & special gifts in your business
  • Attracting opportunity & abundance
  • Exposing negative and limiting belief systems
  • Learning to live in a positive affirmative state of mind
  • Discovering your authentic business model
  • Identifying & implementing your leadership style
  • Business planning & development based on your passion & purpose

Coaching allows you to Awaken your spirit; Unleash your creativity; Tap into your inner strength; Program your subconscious; Build your self-confidence; Discover your authentic gifts; Unlock your potential with your eminently designed blueprint for success.

Today is the day. You are ready. Make the pledge to yourself, Invest in your business. You deserve awareness, peace, joy, passion, purpose, love and abundance. You deserve it. Go get it.

What Better Time to Take Control of Your Success Than Right Now?

Callahan Coaching & Consulting offers three ways to get started:

Independent Coaching – Specifically crafted coaching packages, designed specifically for your success. We know you are busy so we conveniently offer them on an easy to use web-based platform.  Schedules may not be as strict when taking coaching programs online you can work on and complete modules when you are ready and at your own pace. Every coaching package has a private forum to meet and network with like-minded people in your coaching program.

Click the button below and let’s get started rediscovering your authenticity, implementing your strengths, increasing your performance and reinventing your business.

Self-Directed with Limited Coaching – You can upgrade any coaching package to add personalized attention from your coach. If you upgrade your coaching package you will enter the realm of private coaching. After each module, you can ask your coach questions, leave a comment or request more information. Your coach will provide you insight, strategies and feedback based on the level of interaction based on your commitment level. This level of coaching includes access to the forum assigned to your coaching package but also a forum created for those who who would like additional time with their coach. This special forum is an open space for you to start discussion, ask questions and interact with other participants in your coaching level. You will also receive additional tools, strategies from a coach, including videos, MP3 downloads, actions guides and more…

Make the decision right now, that you are going to give yourself the gift of growth and change. Click the link below and choose the package that’s right for you.

Personalized 1-2-1 Coaching – You are in the driver’s seat with a personalized coaching package. A highly customized coaching package allows you take control of your destiny. Your coaching package is uniquely designed to meet your goals and expectations.  This level of commitment offers you a dedicate coach who will collaborate with singular focus on your success.  The spotlight is on you. Your goals, your dreams, your business is where our attention and dedication remains. Our 1-2-1 coaching clients are guaranteed 85-95% faster growth, development and success than if they go it alone. You don’t have to do this by yourself. Right now, you can decide to hire a coach and allow them to share their expertise, knowledge and skills to get you where you want to go. Imagine what it would be like to get a sounding board to bounce off your big light bulb moments. What would it be like for you to have a personal coach dedicated to help you implement the strategies necessary to manifest your 3:00 a.m. brilliant ideas?

A Personal Message from Callahan:

Maintaining courage in exchange for quitting and dreaming of an ambitious goal is half the battle won. While setting goals is a start, taking immediate & consistent action is the strategy for winning the war. Establishing your initial goals alone, will not bring you long-lasting gratification. To walk among the super successful, you must be committed to continuous transformation.

The elite, are in a constant state of awareness & development to achieve faster and better results for the highest good. They simply do not, and would not ever settle for mediocre!

High performing entrepreneurs are forever, courageous evolving, empowered, exceptional and revolutionary.

It is up to you now, if you want to overcome fear, self-defeating habits and negative attachments that block your success. It’s time to take action.

Make the decision to make a change. Transform your business. Transform your life. You absolutely deserve it.


#1 coach for dreamers and entrepreneursFor a few elite movers-and-shakers, Callahan offers private coaching. Coaching on this level is reserved for the entrepreneur who is clear about the time, personal and financial commitment necessary to get what they want in life. Working directly with Callahan is not for the faint at heart. You must be serious. You must be ready. You must be dedicated. Achieving your dreams must be as important to you as breathing. You must have fierce determination and persistence. You must believe.

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