The Collaboration of Your Brand & Content Marketing

Let Your Content Reflect Your Brand And Vice Versa


Perception is everything. As human beings, it’s how we understand the world. We perceive what our senses tell us. We learn from these perceptions. We also learn from experience. Positive experiences cause positive reinforcement. This means that when something pleases us, we desire to experience this pleasure again. Obversely, negative experiences cause negative reinforcement. This means that when something hurts us, we avoid that experience in the future as a way of avoiding the pain. Over time, perception and experience allow us to form opinions. Opinion is simply a shorthand way to get back to a pleasurable experience, or others that may be similar, and to steer clear of a painful experience, or one that may be related. We are hardwired to operate this way. In a way, perception, experience and opinion are the human equivalent of instinct in animals. These traits, when combined, allow us to maximize positive things and minimize negative things. Anyone who has branded themselves or their business would be wise to understand this concept.


Your brand has one reputation and one alone. It’s the only reputation your brand will ever have. While a part of this reputation is in your control, another, larger part is in the control of everyone else. You see, the reputation of your brand depends greatly on how that brand is perceived by others. You can attempt to influence this perception by providing positive experiences to your customers which, in turn, leads to a positive opinion of your business. You can also provide negative experiences to your customers which, in turn, leads to a negative opinion of your business. What type of experience your customers have directly affects the reputation of your brand in the marketplace. If your brand develops a positive opinion in the minds of your audience, then it will thrive. On the other hand, if your brand get a negative opinion in the minds of this audience, you may soon be out of business.


One of the best, and easiest ways, to positively influence the opinion your customers have of your brand is through the use quality content. Content is any information you provide to your audience that helps make their buying choice easier or more informed. It may also be information that is about the general market niche your brand resides in. No matter the information, or the form it takes, quality content allows your audience to perceive your brand positively. This leads to good opinion and a better bottom line for you.

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