May I Introduce You to the New & Improved Linkedin™?

meet the new linkedin

If you are not on Linkedin™ or have not logged in in a while…may I invite you to do so now. In this series, I am going to teach you how to take advantage of the most trusted social media platform in the world.

Not only has Linkedin™ reinvented their brand with a new look, they have replaced some of the old features with newer purposeful tools like LinkedIn endorsement! What a way to connect and collaborate.

Getting to Know The New and Improved LinkedIn™

It is true that  LinkedIn™ has been growing steadily since 2009 – certainly I can verify since I joined in June 2009 – the actual ‘face’ of LinkedIn™ was not as inviting as other social media sites. At one time people who used LinkedIn™ were strictly business owners and professionals.

Now all of that has changed with the emergence of other social sites including Facebook and Google +. LinkedIn™ needed to make some changes to adapt to the popularity of people using these types of sites to make business connections.

Well 2012 was definitely the year that changed the look and feel of LinkedIn™. If you log into your account today you are met with a larger profile picture with your latest job posted under your name. Next to this is listed your state or province and your current job title.

This larger profile page makes your entire page more inviting and easier to read. At the top of your profile page will be a news feed which combines a mixture of a Facebook news feed and a Twitter feed. Here you simply update your status or share a relevant link.

If you haven’t used LinkedIn™ you may be surprised at how the site looks, compared to what you may have heard about them. With the increased use of social media it only makes sense for a company who at the end of 2012 had just reached 200 million members.

Linkedin™ is still viewed as a professional social site but now makes connecting with other professionals that much easier. In fact, Linkedin™ continues to be the most effective way to connect with decision makers of a company. Linkedin™ offers a viable means to meet movers-and-shakers by bypassing their gatekeepers!

Here is a quick overview of some of the changes that LinkedIn™ has made.

November 2012 – LinkedIn™ Events are no longer supported

January 2013 – LinkedIn™ Answers is no longer supported

Now, you can add a bigger profile picture and your number of recommendations is not shown at the top of your profile.

So whether you are brand new to LinkedIn™ or haven’t logged into your account in a long time, this report will navigate your through the new face of Linkedin™ today!

Have a moment, connect with me on Linkedin™ now. Callahan’s Linkedin


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Andrea Callahan is a brand designer. She helps passion & purpose-driven entrepreneurs maximize their strengths to craft and implement an image that represents their WHY and to use that why to position themselves as an Industry Influencer. She a speaker, seminar leader and the author of, "It's Your Brand ~ Make Your Identity Clear" available on Callahan launched the Industry Influencer Academy at

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