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your free membership to expand your dreamsExpand your awareness…launch innovative dreams. Increase your knowledge of what’s possible and develop your imagination to believe you can achieve it. It’s hard to dream of being, doing, creating and experiencing something if you don’t know it exists. This series explores the extraordinary to enhance the lives of entrepreneurs who pursue their passion and follow their dreams.

I was inspired to create this series because I was chatting with a colleague who graciously shared her recent travel experience. As she shared her journey, I was in awe of her description of the flight where she enjoyed a restful sleep in “bed.”  It was like watching a short film in my imagination when I visualized her exotic island adventure. I was exhilarated, hopeful and looking forward getting home to Google™ the island she visited.

You know how it is when you Google™ something right…you end up clicking a link and then another and before you know it, you are so deep in exploration that many minutes go by. In this instance…about an hour!

It was totally worth it, because I discovered parts of the world, I never knew existed. I had no idea the innovative travel accommodations for affluent international travelers. The depth of luxury and amenities available during travel is astonishing to me.

On my vision board in my office, I have an affirmation that reads,

[dropcap] I[/dropcap] will earn good money providing seminars and training in beautiful locations all around the world.” Garden Resort Thailand

My goal for this project in part is to solidify my vision with actual exotic places of luxury. More important for is the greater purpose…to share the possibilities with you…the entrepreneur.

[dropcap] E[/dropcap]ntrepreneurs are leaders, risk takers, innovators and go-getters. We work hard. We sacrifice. We dare to go with others refuse. We step out of our comfort zone and allow ourselves to be vulnerable and we have the willingness to fail. For planning, multi-tasking and pursuing a dream. We are persistent, determined and passionate about your businesses.

We deserve success. We work hard. We play hard.

I invite you to share any travel destination you believe a hard-working creator deserves. Please leave comments below about great places you have visited or intend to spend time.

In awareness, passion, purpose, joy and exotic travel,

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