The Strangest Secret Series

2014 Mindset Shift for Explosive Business Success

Are you ready to rid your mind of limiting beliefs? Are you ready for extraordinary success? If you are like me, you believe it is time to move your business from mediocre to extraordinary.

Now is the time! I want to share with you a recording that changed my life.  At one point early on in my business there were so many times I just wanted to give up. I was working 12 hours days, 7 days a week, holidays, birthdays…everyday! Yet, I wasn’t reaching the level of success I hoped for.

I had all the pieces in place but it seemed like I was missing something. I just couldn’t connect the dots. My imagination was grand and I was striving for extraordinary business but my limiting beliefs controlled my habits. My hobby mindset created a impenetrable barrier to my success.

Now, I am not suggesting that immediately following listening to The Strangest Secret, you will see skyrockets of explosive success. What I am suggesting is it will change your thoughts about meritocracy and extraordinary. You will see that you have a choice. Either way, you are not alone as many others are making the same decisions everyday.

It’s totally up to you. Mediocre or Extraordinary?

So, let me tell you a little bit more about Earl Nightingale and The Strangest Secret before you begin watching the videos.

the strangest secret

Use the Strangest Secret to Grow Your Mind & Business

The Strangest Secret series is a short but powerful message from the “Dean of Personal Development” Earl Nightingale. This recording is actually one of the recordings that helped to launch the spoken word industry. Produced in 1956, the spoken word record The Strangest Secret sold over a million copies, making it the first spoken-word recording to achieve Gold Record status.

In only 30 minutes, Earl Nightingale lays out the secret for achieving success in life. Speaking against conformity and aimlessness in one’s career, Nightingale encourages us to set goals and put all our thoughts and creativity upon these goals. He quotes from many of the greatest thinkers of all time who have pointed to this formula for success. He closes the record with 5 steps for achieving success, along with ways to overcome doubt, negativity, and fear.

Nightingale was a true believer in the power of audio learning! In fact he co-founded the audio & video learning company Nightingale-Conant with Lloyd Conant in 1960. Enjoy this classic recording from Earl Nightingale!

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