Using Targeted Content to Engage and Attract Your Ideal Buyer

Make Sure Your Message Resonates With Your Ideal Buyer

You know by now that you need unique and regular content on your website and/or blog in order to get more traffic. But, did you know that you also need to be concerned with who you are targeting? You want to ensure that all your blog posts and all your content is well-thought out, so that it attracts people who are ready to buy from you with a simple push in the right direction. Truly targeted content will attract, engage and delight your audience.

To create amazing content that gets results you need to:

Know Your Audience

If you don’t know who your audience is enough to create in-depth audience profiles or personas, then you need to do more research. You may have one major audience such as “Women who want to lose weight.” But that is a very broad audience. You need to narrow that audience down to specific women within a certain income bracket, married or single, kids or without kids, and so forth.

By marketing to a very specific person, you’ll actually make more sales. People will feel as if your content speaks directly to them.

Create Keyword-Rich Titles

You don’t want to overdo keywords, but there are places where keywords are important. You will know what keywords to use based on your research of your audience as well as the product knowledge that you have within your niche.

Place keywords in blog post titles, article titles, headers, sub headers, and anchor text. Shoot for less than two percent keyword density, otherwise you may get dinged for “keyword stuffing” on Google which can lower your page rank. The important thing about keywords within titles is that they make sense and go with the content of the blog post or article.

Know how to attract and connect with your ideal buyersIdentify Your Ideal Buyers – Describe them in enough detail so you can easily pick them out in a crowd. Use language they relate to so your message may resonate with them. Go where they go so they will become familiar with you. Make your brand, identity and message so clear that you cut through the noise and bypass the others vying for their attention. Establish yourself as the winner and clear choice to serve them.


Know the Purpose of the Content

Understanding the purpose of the piece of content you’re creating is imperative to knowing how to properly target your content. Do you want the content to raise awareness of your brand? Are you trying to let your market know about your offerings? Are you trying to teach your audience something important to show how your products are different from your competitors? Are you trying to make more sales?

Knowing the purpose will help you know what type of content to create to get the results that you want.

Promote Your Content

No matter how targeted your content is, you’ll need to promote your content on social media – sometimes even through paid advertising. If you want to get a good result and have a lot of eyes on your content, it takes some extra work behind simply producing the content. Once you produce the content, the real work begins with marketing the content and engaging with your readers.

Targeted content is a great start in attracting and engaging your audience. To create targeted content you have to understand your audience, research the right keywords to use, and finally promote your content across all your social media accounts and on your email lists. Don’t give up after production; keep going to go above and beyond with your content marketing efforts.

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Who are in your target market? Who is your ideal buyer and how do engage them?

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