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How to Start Your Own Successful Coaching Program

So you have finally decided that you want to start your own coaching program, congratulations! You are now faced with the problem of knowing just how to go about setting up your own coaching program.

There are several key elements to think about when setting up a coaching program. These include:

  1. Determining the length of your program
  2. Figuring out how you will deliver the program
  3. Getting coaching clients
  4. Pricing your program
  5. Creating a curriculum

When looking at the length of your coaching program, you need to take your time into consideration. How much time can you ideally put into this each day, week and month? You have to ensure that you have enough time for this and understand that some clients or students will require more attention than others.

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Delivering your program can be done in several ways as well, the following are a few suggestions that you might want to consider.

  • Deliver via email lessons
  • Set up a membership type site
  • Use a closed Facebook group
  • Phone or Skype calls
  • Drip feed lessons using an autoresponder service
  • Offer one on one coaching sessions
  • Provide group coaching

When it comes to pricing your program you need to determine what you are worth. How much money do you want to receive for one hour of coaching? Plus ensure that this covers any additional costs such as materials or books that are required. Really take the time and think about this step, as once you set your prices, it can be difficult or unwise to change them too often.

You will also need to outline your curriculum for your program before you go much further. This also helps you define just how long your coaching program should be.

Outline all the things that you are planning on teaching in as much detail as possible. Then ensure that you allocate enough time to each one, again remembering that different people learn at different rates.

Your next step in setting up your coaching program is to know where to get clients or students from. Hopefully you are thinking about this because you have already been asked if you do coaching. This would mean that you have prospective students ready and waiting for you!

Remember to set your prices according to how you plan on delivering your program. Obviously one-on-one coaching would be priced much higher than a group session.

If I may also add, avoid the trap of charging time-based fees. Your time is valuable, yes…but your prospective clients do not care about that. They care about the value you bring to their lives. They are only interested in outcomes. Because they are paying for results, you charge for the value you provide…not the time.  You can talk for an hour and your client remain stuck. You may also speak for 10 minutes and your client has a breakthrough. Always remember, the benefit  and value you provide your clients are more important than the time you spend with them. Clients pay for outcomes and results.

In awareness, passion, joy & coaching success,

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