The Verdict About Word of Mouth Marketing

Wrapping up the discussion about word of mouth marketing

In Conclusion About Word of Mouth Marketing: The Strategy Works!

This series of blog posts about word of mouth marketing (WOM) has given us many ideas to think about. We have learned word of mouth marketing can be an impressive and powerful way to build your brand. It can be incorporated into any marketing strategy no mater if you do B2B or B2C selling.
The Verdict about Word of Mouth Marketing
You’ve learned that even the most amazing marketing campaign will struggle to make an impact if consumers don’t like or trust your brand. Therefore you need to continually look for ways to improve and separate yourself from others who share your market.

You now know four types of Ads to use that will that create a lasting impression on consumers and encourage them to spread the word about your brand.

And remember, word of mouth marketing isn’t an exact science. Every business is different, and you never know which will work best for you unless you’re willing to try. So give your ideas an opportunity to flourish. If some fall flat, that’s ok, go back to the drawing board and create something new.

Your Reputation Converts More Buyers & Builds a Tribe

So, your marketing strategy is crafted to get in front of your target market in order to give them a compelling reason to buy more services and products from you. A key component, we talk about all the time, is the importance of building a dynamic brand. Your brand is the vehicle that speaks directly to your ideal buyer. Your brand gains you access into their lives, and ultimately into their hearts. Parallel, your reputation is the vehicle that converts those ideal buyers into actual paying clients.

The Essential Ingredients to Successful Word of Mouth Campaigns:

  1. Courage to explore and experiment
  2. Creativity to imagine the possibilities
  3. Innovation and outside of the box thinking
  4. Persistence to scrap, reinvent and deploy new strategies
  5. Drive to continue the process until you reach success

Thomas Edison said it best when he said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

I totally agree! Now, it’s time for you to work on improving your word of mouth marketing. We are in gratitude for Keri Mixon, for sharing her thoughts on word of mouth marketing.

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